Pamięć absolutna / Total Recall (2012)


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 Witajcie w Rekall, firmie, która przemieni wasze marzenia w prawdziwe wspomnienia. Dla pracownika fabryki Douglasa Quaida (Colin Farrell) taka mentalna przygoda wydaje się być miłą odskocznią od frustrującej codzienności. Co prawda nie ma zbytnich powodów do narzekań – ma piękną żonę (Kate Beckinsale), którą kocha, ale możliwość wdrukowania sobie wspomnień o życiu w roli super agenta wydaje mu się wyjątkowo kusząca. Niestety, terapia, której ma się poddać przybiera kompletnie inny obrót i zamiast życia w glorii wspomnień super szpiega Quaid staje się ściganym numer jeden. Ucieka przed policją, na czele której stoi Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston), a do tego jedyną osobą, której może zaufać jest rebeliantka i członkini podziemnego ruchu oporu (Jessica Biel), któremu przewodzi Kuato (Bill Nighy). W tej splątanej rzeczywistości zacierają się granice pomiędzy prawdziwym i wymyślonym światem, a przyszłość ludzkości wydaje się być całkowicie niepewna. Wraz z rozwojem akcji Quaid odkrywa swoją prawdziwą tożsamość,
prawdziwą miłość i prawdziwe przeznaczenie.


 At the end of the 21st century, Earth is devastated by chemical warfare. Precious remaining habitable land is found in just two territories: the United Federation of Britain (UFB), located on the British Isles and northwestern Europe; and the Colony, covering Australia. Factory workers living in the Colony quickly (seventeen minutes) commute to the UFB each day via “The Fall,” a gravity elevator through the Earth’s core. A Resistance operating in the UFB, which the UFB views as a terrorist movement, seeks to improve life in the Colony.

Colony citizen Douglas Quaid has been having dreams of being a secret agent, aided by an unnamed woman. Tired of his factory job building police robots with friend Harry, he visits Rekall, a company that implants artificial memories. Quaid chooses a fantasy as a secret agent. An emblem of Rekall is stamped onto his arm and, just as the fantasy is being loaded by technician McClane, they discover that Quaid already has real memories of being a spy. As McClane starts to question Quaid about the memories, a squad of UFB police burst in, kill the Rekall staff, and attempt to arrest Quaid. Quaid reacts instinctively, killing the entire squad. Upon returning home his wife Lori attempts to kill him, revealing that she is a UFB intelligence agent and they’ve only been “married” for six weeks, not seven years. After Quaid escapes, Charles Hammond, stating he is an old friend, contacts him and directs him to a safe-deposit box, where Quaid finds a message from himself with the address of an apartment.

Pursued by Lori, human and robot police, Quaid is rescued by Melina, the woman from his dreams. At the apartment, Quaid finds another recording, revealing that he is actually Carl Hauser, an agent working for UFB Chancellor Cohaagen to infiltrate the Resistance. Hauser defected, but was recaptured by the UFB and implanted with false memories to manipulate him. The recording reveals that Cohaagen will use robots to wipe out the Colony, replace the Colonists as laborers, and give the UFB more living space. Hauser has seen a “kill code”, which can be recovered from his memory by Resistance leader Matthias, that will disable the robots. Melina reveals that she was Hauser’s lover before he was recaptured, comparing their matching scars from a time they were shot while holding hands. The police arrive and Harry appears. He tries to convince Quaid that he is still in a Rekall-induced dream and that killing Melina is the only way out. Quaid is unsure, but notices a tear on Melina’s cheek and shoots Harry. Lori pursues the pair, but they escape.

Quaid and Melina find Matthias. While Matthias searches Quaid’s memories, Lori and Cohaagen storm the Resistance base. Cohaagen reveals that Hauser was in fact still working for him and contributed to Quaid’s memory alteration, dreaming up the kill code as a trap. Cohaagen kills Matthias, takes Melina prisoner, and leaves Hauser for pre-Quaid memory restoration. As the officers are about to inject Quaid, Hammond reveals himself and dies helping Quaid escape.

Cohaagen loads The Fall with his invasion army of robots. Quaid sneaks on board, setting timed explosives throughout the ship while searching for Melina. He frees her as The Fall arrives at the Colony. As they fight the soldiers and Cohaagen, Quaid’s explosives detonate. Quaid and Melina jump off before the ship plummets back into the tunnel and explodes underground, killing Cohaagen and destroying his army and The Fall itself – the only way to reach the UFB.

Waking up in an ambulance, Quaid is greeted by Melina. When he notices that she is missing their matching hand scar, he realizes that she is Lori using a holographic disguise; they fight and Lori is killed. Quaid finds the real Melina as news channels declare the independence of the Colony. However, as Quaid looks on towards a Rekall sign in the distance, he realized that the emblem mark he had gotten at Rekall prior to all that’s happened is no longer visible on his arm, suggesting that he is still living a fantasy within the Rekall mainframe.




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