Za kratami / Jail (2009) 


gatunek: Dramat, Thriller / LEKTOR.PL

OPIS FILMU: Parag Manohar Dixit żyje jak we śnie: ma świetną pracę i piękną dziewczynę. Wszystko zmienia się, kiedy po szeregu niefortunnych zdarzeń budzi się pobity przez policjantów w więzieniu, w kajdankach. Parag nie wie jak się znalazł w tym miejscu, dalekim od jego przepięknego życia. Próbuje odkryć prawdę i pragnie, by to był zwykły sen, lecz wkrótce poznaje więzienne życie. Jedynym, na którego może liczyć, to przestępca Nawab, który wierzy, że Parag jest niewinny..

plot: Jail tells the story of Parag Dixit (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who is having a peaceful life with his girlfriend Mansi, played by Mugdha Godse. But his life takes a turn and he ends up in jail due to a false drugs case in which he is implicated although his friend is responsible for the fiasco. Shortly after getting promoted as Regional Manager of Max Finance, Parag Dixit gets arrested in Bandra for Firing at Police, and Possession of Narcotics. His associate, Keshav, is grievously injured, and is hospitalized in a coma-like condition. Parag’s widowed mother, Alka, and Air Hostess girlfriend, Manasi Pandit, retain Advocate Harish Bhatiya to represent him at a preliminary bail hearing, but the Judge denies bail. Housed in an overcrowded barrack, with barely room to move, Parag meets with a variety of people – both convicted and awaiting trial – including Abdul Ghani, Kabir Malik, Galib Suratwala, Nawab, Bababhai, etc. Parag again appears in Court e after a charge-sheet is filed, but again, due to the seriousness of the offenses, fear of tampering with evidence and witnesses, he is denied bail. Several months later, Keshav is now deceased – and Parag, embittered by abuse, loss of faith in an overburdened system – with overwhelming evidence against him – faces trial as the only accused. The film is a take on the cruel realities faced by prisoners in Indian jails by focusing on Parag’s life in the jail. It was rumored that Neil will appear complete nude in a torturing scene. Manoj Bajpai plays another inmate in the jail.

Neil was in various controversies regarding the nudity scene in the film. Apparently this scene had to be blurred to appease the censor board