Zoombies 2
ZOOMBiES 2 (2019)


  akcja, przygodowy, komedia, horror,  LEKTOR.PL


 Sequel wcześniejszego obrazu z 2016 roku. Zwierzęce zombie powracają, by ponownie zapolować na ludzi.

Kłusownicy przenikają do rezerwatu zwierząt, aby strzelać do nich trucizną. Jedna z rzutek niesie jednak tajemniczego wirusa, który zamienia zwierzęta w zombie. Kłusownicy muszą połączyć siły z personelem parku, aby powstrzymać wybuch zwierząt zombie.


 A group of poachers sneak into an animal reserve in order to capture various animals. One of the poachers, Jezel, has created a toxin that will kill the animals without the use of a gun. However, her actions inadvertently cause several animals to become undead, and the undead animals kill three of the poachers while Jezel, and another poacher, Layne, are captured by rangers Randy Hock, Isaiah, and Mike Witte. They are taken to the headquarters of the park, an animal research center, and locked in a room until further notice. The only remaining poacher, Toronto, arrives in a panic after having seen his friends being killed, and claims they were killed by undead meerkats. The rangers believe he’s high on drugs, but decide to take him to the meerkat enclosure anyway, as they believe the other poachers will be there.

As the rangers, and Toronto arrive at the meerkat enclosure, an undead aardvark kills Isaiah before being shot to death by Randy, and Mike. With Toronto’s theory being proven correct, the group decides to drive back to the research center to contact help. Meanwhile, two undead porcupines attack the research center. Layne, and a researcher are both killed while Randy’s researcher girlfriend Brooke manages to kill one of the porcupines, and trap the other before forming an uneasy alliance with Jezel, who agrees to try to reverse engineer the toxin to create a cure. In the process, it is discovered that Brooke is pregnant.

Meanwhile, reserve workers K.D., and Ford are releasing a hippo back into the wild when they are attacked by a stampede of undead rhinos. The rangers, and Toronto arrive, and pick them up in their jeep, although Ford falls out, and is killed in the stampede before Randy accidentally crashes the jeep, killing Mike. Randy realizes that the only way back to the research center is on foot, and he, Toronto, and a reluctant K.D. begin walking to the center. At the center, Jezel creates an antidote, but needs to test it on an undead subject. Brooke, and Jezel attempt to use the remaining porcupine, but it attacks them, causing Jezel to launch it out a window. They then decide to use a crocodile as a new test subject, and Brooke successfully injects the antidote into the crocodile, causing it to revert back to normal, and proving that the antidote works.

In the meantime, Randy, Toronto, and K.D. encounter an undead snake, which Randy kills. They are then forced to cross a river using kayaks, although an undead hippo eats K.D. Randy, and Toronto reach the crocodile enclosure, where Jezel tranquilizes the hippo. The two groups are reunited before running back to the research center, where Randy learns that Brooke is pregnant. A crocodile suddenly bursts in from the sewer pipes, forcing the group to hide. Jezel then realizes that in order to successfully spread the antidote to all of the animals, one of the group has to inject themselves with the antidote, and sacrifice themselves. Jezel attempts to reach the antidotes in the lab to sacrifice herself, although the crocodile kills her before she can do so, which is in turn killed by Randy.

A helicopter arrives to rescue the group, although the pilot is killed by a lion as undead animals surround the research center. Brooke suggests using the three remaining antidotes to sacrifice all three of them to the animals, although Toronto injects one of the antidotes into himself to make the sacrifice alone. A lemur attacks the group, and bites Toronto on the arm before reverting back to normal, proving that the plan will work. Toronto then takes off on a motorcycle down a runway, attracting the animals using animal pheromones as Brooke, and Randy escape in the deserted helicopter. Toronto is killed, and eaten by the animals, but this cures the majority of them, although two undead lemurs attack Brooke, and Randy in the helicopter, but they manage to kill them both, and fly to safety.

Sometime later, Brooke calls Ellen Rogers, the owner of the Eden Wildlife Zoo from the first film, and confirms that the animals, including an undead monkey, unbeknownst to the group, are being sent to her, leading directly into the events of the first film.