Kobiety w czerni / Ladies in Black


 komedia, dramat, LEKTOR.PL


 Sydney, lato 1959. Na tle przebudzenia kulturowego Australii, rozkładu struktur klasowych i wyzwolenia kobiet, młoda Lisa podczas oczekiwania na wyniki matury z marzeniami o pójściu na Uniwersytet w Sydney, podejmuje letnią pracę w dużym domu towarowym.


  Lisa is hired as a new assistant at Goode’s department store in Sydney during the 1959 Christmas season. She makes friends with Fay, who is initially wary of immigrants, Myra, who seeks more attention from her husband, and Magda, an immigrant from Slovenia who introduces her to her other European friends. Myra buys a pink nightdress that gets her the attention from her husband that she seeks, but he believes that he has upset her with his attention and disappears for the season. Lisa and Magda invite Fay to a New Year’s Eve party at Magda’s house and introduces her to Rudi, a Hungarian immigrant who is looking for a wife. Lisa is introduced to Michael, the son of Hungarian immigrants to Australia. A dress Lisa wants to buy is marked down from 150 guineas to 75 guineas during the next summer sale, then later to 50 guineas. Myra’s husband returns and they reconcile when she explains that she wants his attention, and Myra soon becomes pregnant. Lisa gets honours on her school leaving exam and applies for a scholarship at Sydney University after getting the approval of her father. Rudi buys a new apartment and proposes to Fay in it. Lisa is upset that the dress she likes is no longer on display, but Magda has only hidden it away now that it has been reduced to 35 guineas, which Lisa can now afford. She buys the dress and wears it to a party celebrating her test scores. Magda says that she has picked out a location for a store where she will sell high-end fashion. Magda asks Lisa what she will do after finishing her studies at Sydney University and Lisa says that she wants to be an actress, or a poet, or a novelist, or maybe all three.









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