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   Horror, Thriller, LEKTOR.PL


 Familia Wilsonów planuje wypoczynek w pobliżu Santa Cruz. Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) wraz z mężem Gabem (Winston Duke) i dziećmi (Jason – Evan Alex; Zora – Shahadi Wright Joseph) przyjeżdża do swojego domu letniskowego. Głowa rodziny proponuje wyprawę na plażę. Adelaide ma obiekcje powodowane traumatycznym wydarzeniem, do którego doszło na wspomnianej plaży, gdy była jeszcze dzieckiem. Po paru namowach jednak daje się przekonać i po przejażdżce umilanej I Got 5 on It wylegują się na leżakach w towarzystwie sąsiadów. Sielanka – dopóki matka na parę minut nie traci z oczu syna, Jasona. Ale nie tylko to wydarzenie i trauma powodowana wypadkiem w gabinecie luster nie dają Adelaide spokoju. Ma bardzo nieprzyjemne przeczucie, że wydarzy się coś, co zatrzęsie ich życiem w posadach.


  In 1986, young Adelaide Thomas goes on vacation with her parents to Santa Cruz. At the beach, she wanders off while her father is playing whack-a-mole and enters a funhouse, where she encounters a doppelgänger of herself in the hall of mirrors. When her parents eventually find her, she is unable to speak.

In the present day, the adult Adelaide, who has since recovered her speech, heads to her family’s lake house in Santa Cruz with her husband, Gabe Wilson, and their two children, Zora and Jason. She is apprehensive about the trip, but Gabe brushes off her misgivings, eager to impress their rich friends, Josh and Kitty Tyler. They meet the Tyler family at the Santa Cruz beach. After arriving, Jason wanders off and sees a man standing alone with blood dripping from his hands. When she realizes Jason is missing, Adelaide panics, and the family leaves the beach as soon as he is found.

That night, a family of four dressed in red appears in the Wilsons’ driveway. They break into the Wilsons’ home and attack them. The Wilsons quickly realize the four intruders are doppelgängers of themselves, led by Adelaide’s double, Red. The doppelgängers can vocalize only crudely, but Red is able to speak. Red explains that the doppelgängers are called the Tethered, that they share a soul with their counterparts, and that they have come to „untether” themselves.

The family is separated by their dopplegängers: Red makes Adelaide handcuff herself to a table, Zora is pursued by Umbrae and Gabe by Abraham, and Jason is sent to „play” with Pluto in the closet. Zora evades Umbrae and Gabe manages to kill Abraham, while Jason discovers that Pluto mirrors his actions and manages to lock him in the closet. Red is drawn away by Pluto’s cries, allowing Adelaide to break free. The family regroups and escapes on their boat.

Meanwhile, the Tyler family is murdered by their Tethered. The Wilsons arrive and realize what has happened, eventually killing the Tylers’ doubles and turning on the news to see that millions of Tethered have been murdering their counterparts across the nation. The doppelgängers subsequently join hands together to form a massive human chain.[5]

As the Wilsons drive away in the Tylers’ car, they are attacked by Umbrae but manage to kill her. As day breaks, the Wilsons arrive at the Santa Cruz boardwalk, where they find the road blocked by their own car, on fire. Pluto has set a trap for the Wilsons, standing over a gasoline trail with a match. Jason, remembering that Pluto imitates his actions, makes Pluto walk backward into the fire. Red reappears and abducts Jason, and Adelaide runs after them.

While Zora and Gabe recuperate in an abandoned ambulance, Adelaide returns to the funhouse and finds a secret tunnel in the hall of mirrors. It leads to an underground facility overrun by rabbits, where Adelaide finds Red. Red explains that the Tethered were clones, created by the U.S. government to control the public. The experiment failed and the Tethered were abandoned underground for generations, mindlessly copying the actions of their surface counterparts, until Red organized them to escape and take revenge. The two fight, with Red anticipating and countering all of Adelaide’s attacks. Adelaide finally manages to overpower her, stabbing her, then choking her. She finds Jason hidden in a locker.

Adelaide drives the family away in the ambulance and the night she met Red in the hall of mirrors. It is revealed that Red was the real Adelaide and the surviving Adelaide is the doppelgänger; that night, „Adelaide” choked „Red” unconscious, dragged her underground, handcuffed her to a bed, and took her place in the surface world. As the Wilsons drive off, the camera pulls back to show that the Tethered have joined hands across the country.







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