DZiEWCZYNA / GiRL (2018)


 dramat | PLSUBBED


 Piętnastoletnia Lara zrobi wszystko, by spełnić swoje marzenia. Chce zacząć naukę w prestiżowej szkole baletowej i zrobić karierę baleriny. Marzy o czymś jeszcze – o wydostaniu się z chłopięcego ciała, w którym uwięziona jest wrażliwa dziewczyna.


 Lara, a 15-year-old transgender girl who aspires to be a professional ballerina, moves with her supportive francophone father, Mathias, and younger brother to attend a prestigious Dutch-speaking dance academy. They consult a medical doctor as well as a psychiatrist for treatment. She knows the surgery is right. It will take two years and she is given lots of opportunities to change her mind. She lives with her father and six-year-old brother Milo. She puts her all into her ballerina classes. Teachers demand perfection.

Her psychiatrist asks all the right questions but she does not want to date until she has the right body. He wants her to enjoy her puberty as a teenager. Her medical doctor wants her strong and healthy. Lara wants a ballerina’s body. She is frustrated by the slow progress of undergoing hormone replacement therapy in preparation for sex reassignment surgery. Against advice, she secretly tucks her penis with tape during ballet practices. Students know she is transgender and are asked if any are embarrassed using the female restrooms together. No one objects. She dances with the girls class and experiences some transphobic harassment from her classmates.

Lara is a teenage girl with all the questions of growing up. Her father is overprotective and she tells him everything is fine when it is not. There are family issues. Lara’s Dad has a girlfriend and brother Milo doesn’t like his new school. The dance school is demanding and she does not eat well and is losing weight. She wants to be a ballerina and wants to change genders. She dances on injured feet and takes her hormone medicine. At a girls sleepover, she is embarrassed into showing the girls her penis. She explores a kiss with the neighbor boy to further humiliation. Her father wants to talk or help but Lara keeps it all to herself. She pushes herself at the dance to exhaustion.

Since the taping has caused an infection and her general health has declined, her surgery is delayed. Her doctor orders no more dance. She sits in the audience while her classmates dance and she keeps her boy body. As her father goes off to work, she calls emergency services and she mutilates her penis with a pair of scissors. The daughter and father hug one another in the hospital. The film ends with a shot of a happy Lara walking down a street.