–  Dramat

– Akcja serialu osadzona jest w Nowym Jorku, w szpitalu Knickerbocker, w pierwszych latach XX wieku, gdy nie istniały antybiotyki, a umieralność pacjentów była zatrważająco wysoka. Dr John Thackery wprowadza własne, pionierskie rozwiązania medyczne, jednocześnie zmagając się z uzależnieniem od kokainy.

– „The Knick” is set in the beginning of XX century in the New York Knickerbocker hospital. The main character is Dr. John Thackery – a talented surgeon with a grim reputation acquired because of addiction to drugs. At the hospital, doctors use advanced techniques of the time and try to help all patients – but before the invention of the laser scalpel and computed tomography is still very far away. Also, the one of the main medical problem – the inability to resist inflammation, because antibiotics in those days was not. Despite this, every day doctors are showing incredible skill in the profession: to save lives, they are forced to make unexpected and risky decisions. Each new patient – a new story, a new life, a new drama. Trying to save everyone, John often confronts serious moral choices.