Return to Horror Hotel 2019RETURN TO HORROR HOTEL (2019)


 Horror, Sci-Fi


 Film – powrót do hotelu horroru – to obraz na który składają się 4 segmenty połączone w całość…. Pierwszy segment to gigantyczne pluskwy, drugi – to magiczny urok, który sprawia, że dziewczyny są piękne, trzeci – to marynarz z czasów II wojny światowej, który się nie postarzał, a czwarty to terroryzująca odcięta ręka…


 Sleep Tight – A bodybuilder checks into the hotel to train for a big competition. He is gobbling up steroids when he is bit by bedbugs. The bedbugs in turn, grow exponentially larger and began to attack other guests staying at the hotel. Guillotine – A vain beauty pageant contestant, Doreen Grey, is trading her luxury auto to a slimy fence, Al Sharko, to get an edge to winning the next big pageant. She and her best friend, Collette, both get to test drive the charm, which works a little too well, causing friction between the two girls on who will get to use it. No Time For Love – Davie Jones, a WWII navy submariner, has locked himself away in his hotel room after his boat sank in the 60’s with most of his friends. He hasn’t been seen in years and has also not aged a day. A pretty bookstore clerk tricks her way into his room on a dare and kick starts Davie’s biological clock. Houdini’s Hand – Rufus and Tyrone have stolen a magical hand of Harry Houdini from a notorious one armed …