El Chicano (2018)
EL CHiCANO (2018)




 Bliźniacy z East L.A. decydują się zmienić swoje życie i kończą po przeciwnej stronie prawa.


 After a gang leader named Shotgun murders several members of his own gang, Los Angeles police detective Diego Hernandez learns of a connection between the gang murders and the death of his own brother Pedro. Diego’s investigation reveals that Pedro had planned to resurrect the identity of a masked vigilante named „El Chicano” in order to repel the incursion into East Los Angeles of a Mexican cartel led by a Mexican nationalist seeking to reclaim California as Mexican land. When his partner is killed, Diego decides to assume the „El Chicano” identity himself to fight back against the cartel and seek vengeance against Shotgun for his collaboration with the cartel.

When L.A.P.D. Detective Diego Hernandez is assigned a career-making case investigating a vicious cartel, he uncovers links to his brother’s supposed suicide and a turf battle that’s about to swallow his neighborhood. Torn between playing by the book and seeking justice, he resurrects the masked street legend El Chicano. Now, out to take down his childhood buddy turned gang boss, he sets off a bloody war to defend his city and avenge his brother’s murder.