Season 01 , Episode 20 

Gatunek..: Dramat, Thriller

OPIS SERIALU: Thriller psychologiczny opowiadający o parze detektywów, którzy pracują w jednostce policyjnej zajmującej się oceną prawdopodobnych zagrożeń i incydentów.

PLOT: „Stalker” is a psychological thriller about two detectives. They investigates incidents of harassment for the LAPD Threat Assessment Unit. Detective Jack Larsen is a rookie in the Unit. He is recently transferred from New York homicide division. Jack is confident and strong personality. These qualities can be useful in new place. Lieutenant Beth Davis is a strong, focused expert in her field, which is due to her traumatic personal experience as a victim. She is the boss of the Unit. Detective Ben Caldwell and Detective Janice Lawrence are also part of the team. Their main task – to assess the level of threat and prevent it before the situation gets out of control. Furthermore, detectives must trying to control their personal obsessions and fears.

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Season 01 , Episode 20 – “Love Kills”
The team tracks an elusive serial killer, leading to a stunning revelation, in the series finale.

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Season 01 , Episode 19 – “Love Hurts”
Beth must make a major decision about her future with the LAPD. Meanwhile, the team zeros in on a suspect who may be connected to recent murders, and Vicky (Mira Sorvino) reveals why she returned to Los Angeles.

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Season 01 , Episode 18 – “The Woods”
Beth battles for her life when she’s held captive in a remote cabin by her unhinged stalker. Meanwhile, the unit waits for updates on Ben’s prognosis after he was shot.

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Stalker S01E12 HDTV x264-LOL

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