Dream Breaker (2017)DREAM BREAKER (2017)




 Chen Duling – młoda kobieta, musi przebić się przez tajemniczy, holograficzny świat gier zaprojektowany przez jej zmarłego ojca, by pomścić jego śmierć…


 Chongqing, central China, the present day. Fifteen years ago the young Jiang Han (Chen Duling) witnessed the murder of her father Jiang Shan (Tong Dawei), a programmer, in their old house in the hills. Now, at a demonstration of virtual reality at her college, the orphaned Jiang Han is used as a guinea pig, to the amusement of her fellow students. One night she visits the old family house to pay her respects to her late father, still hoping to find his killer. She’s interrupted by Zhora (Gai Yuxi), a masked bounty huntress searching for someone (not Jiang Han), and is rescued from being spotted by her by a young man, Nan Ji (Song Weilong), who dispassionately leaves her when Zhora has gone. Jiang Han finds a message from her father to meet him in Souldream, a VR world created by him whose entry point is in the building’s basement. There she finds herself bounced into a role-playing holo-game peopled with street-fighters and other colourful personalities. She meets Nan Ji, who says he’s after the person who stole money from the company of his uncle Nan Nan (Gao Shengyuan) and gave it to Souldream. Jiang Han remembers her father had admitted that Souldream had a problem. She and Nan Ji are almost arrested by security guards for breaking the rules of the game; both manage separately to escape, and Jiang Han to avoid being killed by Zhora. However, as she entered the game illegally via the basement, Jiang Han doesn’t have an exit button to leave Souldream completely. She’s rescued by young security guard Sushi (Zhang Youhao) who helps her solve the extra riddle of why so many young gamers went missing 15 years ago near her father’s home. The two are joined by Nan Ji on a journey through Luxuria, a pleasure dome for hardcore gamers, where Sushi’s friend, longtime gamer M5 (Jin Shijia), may have some information about Jiang Han’s father.