Better Than Us - sezon 1

Better Than Us – SEZON 1 EPiZOD 16 FiNAL

«GATUNEK» Dramat, Sci-Fi

«OPIS SERiALU» Rozpadająca się rodzina wchodzi w posiadanie nowoczesnego robota, którego szuka pewna korporacja, detektywi z wydziału zabójstw oraz terroryści.

«PLOT» In 2029, robots have become an ordinary part of human life – they help raise children, work as personal drivers, security guards, and lovers. For most people, „Bots” are just soulless machines that perform routine work, but they also become capable of emotions. A group of rebels, „The Liquidators,” reject life with the bots – and are ready to shed human blood in their war against the machines.

16-8-2019 ??