ZiEMiA FARAON脫W / Land of the Pharaohs (1955)


聽 Dramat, Historyczny, Przygodowy, LEKTOR.PL


聽Akcja filmu rozgrywa si臋 w staro偶ytnym Egipcie w 2900 roku p.n.e. Faraon Cheops postanawia zbudowa膰 grobowiec, w kt贸rym mia艂by zosta膰 pochowany wraz ze zgromadzonymi skarbami. W tym celu nadzoruje budow臋 s艂ynnej piramidy nazwanej p贸藕niej jego imieniem. W przedsi臋wzi臋ciu tym, uczestniczy艂y niezliczone zast臋py niewolnik贸w, z kt贸rych wielu nie do偶y艂o chwili uko艅czenia budowy. – Przez lata wojny faraon Cheops (Jack Hawkins) zgromadzi艂 fortun臋 w z艂ocie i klejnotach. Jego intencj膮 jest, aby wszystkie jego bogactwa pochowano wraz z nim w grobowcu. Jedynym jego zmartwieniem s膮 z艂odzieje grob贸w, wi臋c zleca niedawno nabytemu niewolnikowi, Vashtarowi (James Robertson Justice) – kt贸ry jest zarazem architektem – zaprojektowanie i zbudowanie w 艣rodku piramidy, skarbca, kt贸ry ma by膰 nie do sforsowania. Tymczasem, m艂oda i atrakcyjna kobieta z Cypru, Nellifer (Joan Collins), zostaje wys艂ana do Egiptu jako wyraz uznania dla w艂adcy i wkr贸tce zostaje jego drug膮 偶on膮. Kiedy widzi, jaki skarb posiada faraon, nie mo偶e oprze膰 si臋 pokusie uzyskania jego cz臋艣ci tylko dla siebie


聽In ancient Egypt, Pharaoh Khufu (Jack Hawkins) is obsessed with preparing his tomb for the „second life”. Dissatisfied with his own architects鈥 offerings, he enlists Vashtar (James Robertson Justice), an ingenious man whose devices nearly saved his own people from being conquered and enslaved by Khufu. Khufu offers to free Vashtar’s people if he will build Khufu a robber-proof tomb – although Vashtar will have to die when the pyramid-tomb is completed, to guard its secrets. During the years that the pyramid is being built, Pharaoh demands tribute and labor from all his territories, amassing a great wealth of gold and treasures that will be interred with him.

Princess Nellifer (Joan Collins) comes as the ambassador of the tributary province of Cyprus. Claiming her province is poor and cannot afford to pay the assigned tribute, she offers herself to Pharaoh instead. She becomes Khufu’s second wife.

Nellifer questions whether Khufu really had as much gold as he says, so she is shown an enormous hoard of fine gold artifacts and jewels, and more in an inner vault that Khufu is saving for his „second life.” She puts on an ornate, jewel encrusted necklace which Khufu angrily demands she remove. After he leaves, she puts it on again, and dares Treneh (Sydney Chaplin), the captain of the guard, to take it from her, which he does gently. Later, Nellifer starts an affair with Treneh, who has become besotted with her.

One day on the construction site Vashtar’s son, Senta (Dewey Martin), saves Khufu from being crushed to death by a runaway stone block. In order to get the injured Khufu out of the pyramid to help, Senta reveals that he too knows the tomb’s secrets, knowing that he must now share his father’s fate. A grateful Pharaoh offers him anything else within his power; Senta chooses Nellifer’s slave Kyra to save her from being whipped for her fierce independence.

Using a cobra obtained from a snake charmer with the help of Treneh, Nellifer plots to assassinate first Queen Nailla and her son Zanin, then Khufu, leaving her to rule Egypt. First, Treneh persuades Khufu that there is a rich hoard of treasure in a tomb far to the north, in order to draw him away from the palace. Then Nellifer gives Zanin a flute to practice and teaches him a tune the snake will be attracted to. Queen Nailla sees the snake approaching Zanin and throws herself on it to save her son.

Hearing of the queen’s death, Khufu sends out investigators to look for snake charmers. Panicking, Nellifer dispatches her servant Mabuna to kill Khufu at the oasis, but Mabuna only manages to wound Khufu before being killed. Suspecting Nellifer, Khufu rushes back to the city. In her chambers he overhears her and Treneh plotting; he kills Treneh in a sword fight, but is himself fatally wounded. The Pharaoh, before dying, sees Nellifer wearing the necklace that he deliberately took from her earlier, and then dies while calling out for his High Priest and lifelong friend Hamar (Alexis Minotis, billed as Alex Minotis).

After Khufu’s death, Hamar, suspecting what Nellifer did and deeming the tomb truly robber-proof, even for Vashtar and Senta, releases them from their death sentences, allowing them to leave Egypt and return to their homeland with their people as part of a plan to deal with Nellifer.

During Pharaoh’s funeral, Hamar has Nellifer accompany him into the burial chamber because she „must give the order” to seal the sarcophagus. When her order is obeyed, it releases a large stone in a lower chamber, triggering Vashtar’s mechanism to seal the tomb. Nellifer goes into hysterics when told the tomb is being sealed, realizing she is trapped. „There’s no way out,” Hamar tells her, adding: „This is what you lied and schemed and murdered to achieve. This is your kingdom.”