Cyan Wizard (2019)

CYAN WiZARD (2019)

«GATUNEK» Akcja, Przygodowy

«OPIS FiLMU» Film powstał na podstawie powieści zatytułowanej ‚Tao di qingy priest’ – opowiada o podróży Tao ze świątyni Qingsan. Mistrz i nauczyciel Tao polecił mu udać się do wioski Li, która pozwoli mu znaleźć prawdę, by zrozumieć prawdziwe życie.

«PLOT»Lee Road division obey The teacher ordered the experience of going down the mountain. I thought that the evil spirits in the world were poisonous, and there were three things along the way. When Li Daoshi saw the action of the black fish for the ruthless husband, he began to doubt whether the monster was really vicious. The two people who are arrogant and affectionate are hampered by the world. In order to get along with each other, they will not hesitate to die in order to complete their long-cherished wish. This feat makes Li Daoshi completely change his view on the monster. In order to save his father, he refused to sacrifice his own life and repaid the grace of education. Li Daoshi’s heart and compassion helped him, but the indifference and cruelty of the patriarch made him feel cold. Li Daoshi began to doubt that the viciousness in the world was People are still demon! There is no difference in everything in the world, but everything changes when the heart changes.


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