The Arti: The Adventure Begins (2015)

The Arti: The Adventure Begins (2015)

«GATUNEK» Animowany, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

«OPIS FiLMU» Przygoda zaczyna się w starożytnych Chinach. Fabuła zapowiada epickie przygody, zaklęcia i spektakularne bitwy, z których wszystkie są ściśle związane z Sitges. Film ma wyjątkową osobliwość: każdą rolę odgrywają kukły. Jedna z najbardziej spektakularnych produkcji animowanych 2015 roku.

«PLOT» The imperial envoy Zhang Qian, who opened the Silk Road route to China, discovered designs for the ARTI wooden robot on his travels. Believing it would inevitability lead to war if it fell into the wrong hands, he hid it after returning to China.

His grandson, Zhang Meng, discovered the designs and created the ARTI-C robot. However, after being falsely accused of treason, he sent his son and daughter across the desert with ARTI-C to find refuge in the ancient city of Loulan. On the way, they befriend a thief and a strange ancient creature who join them.

The ancient city of Loulan, built around an oasis on the Silk Road, is ruled by a King who pays fealty to the Han Dynasty. But his nephew, the Prince, harbours ambitions to control the Western Regions. Learning of the existence of ARTI-C, he secretly build his own robot army to seize the throne.

Outside Loulan, a war ranges with the tribe who control the Origin energy source that ARTI-C feeds on. The Zhang descendants are persuaded to join the attack on the tribe’s homeworld, only to realise that they are fighting on the wrong side.

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