Blue Flame - sezon 1


«GATUNEK» Dramat, Fantasy, Mystery

«OPIS SERiALU» W serialu – Blue Flame The Lost City of West River – przedstawiono desperacki czas, gdy nadzieja była wytartą rzeczą – pojawia się nasz bohater. Kometa przecina niebo – a sierota zostaje u bram miasta. Blue Flame podąża za Jamesem Dowlingiem – młodym człowiekiem o wyjątkowych zdolnościach…
Początkowo James jest zepsuty i pełen wątpliwości. Na szczęście jednak, kierowany przez upiorną duszę, przyłącza się do walki o światło, gdy to czyni, coraz więcej jego unikalnych mocy ujawnia się. Mimo to życie nigdy nie jest łatwe … w świecie pełnym magicznych demonów, smoków, złych czarnoksiężników i prawie nie do pokonania ciemności James jest wkrótce uwięziony w niemal codziennej walce o życie i śmierć.

«PLOT» Warlocks are the most powerful magical creatures, and the most powerful Warlocks are those in control of the three sacred amulets.

Around the first campfires of this dawning age, stories were whispered of a majestic, but lost City. The City of West River, beautiful beating heart of the ancient world.

To keep peace in this world, and protect the Holy City, three crystals were endowed with tremendous power. These crystals were of the truest blue, hardened in the sacred flames. The crystals in turn were mounted into three encrypted amulets, one went to the Elves, one to the Warlocks, and one to the High King, (ruler of West River).

During the ensuing centuries, protected by the amulets, the noble city prospered and became a sanctuary for mystical creatures of every shape and kind.

Sadly however, great power and great wealth, inevitably engender great jealousy and great envy. Eventually a Cloaked and Evil Force assassinated the High King, stole his amulet, and slipped into the endless night. During the ensuing chaos the other amulets were also secreted away, and the long years of unending Darkness began — a period of confusion, crime and war, desperation and desolation. A hell on Earth.

Over time the remaining guardians were decimated… and the great city was locked down. West River was a frightened, besieged place, a power no longer. Sadly, keeping evil out, also meant keeping out progress, hope and heroes. There were rumours of course, rumours that told of dreams and prophesies…. possible ways in, possible ways out. Unless the three amulets are recovered and restored to their rightful place however, there is little real hope for the future.

During this desperate time, when hope was a threadbare thing our hero appears. A comet slices the sky. Portents shift. And an orphan is left at the City gates. Blue Flame follows James Dowling as he comes of age, a young man of unique and surprising gifts.

Initially a reluctant hero, James is something of a screw-up, a con-man, a trickster, and riddled with self-doubt. Happily however, guided by a ghostly soul James begins to see, and he joins in the fight for the light as he does so, more and more of his unique powers are revealed. Still, life is never easy… in a world fraught with magical demons, dragons, evil warlocks, and an almost insurmountable darkness James is soon locked in an almost daily life and death struggle.


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