Skuci lodem / Still River (2018)

SKUCI LODEM / Still River (2018)


芦OPIS FILMU禄 Pochodz膮ce z Grecji ma艂偶e艅stwo, Petros (Andreas Konstantinou) i Anna (Katia Goulioni), przenosi si臋 do przemys艂owego miasta na Syberii. Decyzja o przeprowadzce jest zwi膮zana z now膮 posad膮 m臋偶czyzny. Niebawem jego 偶ona zachodzi w ci膮偶臋. Przysz艂y ojciec nie ma jednak pewno艣ci, czy to jego dziecko. Jest przekonany, 偶e 偶ona go zdradzi艂a. W konsekwencji traci do niej zaufanie, a ich uczucie s艂abnie…

芦PLOT禄 Anna and Petros, a Greek couple who recently moved to an industrial Siberian town on account of Petros鈥 work, are shocked to discover Anna is pregnant with no prior intercourse. Did she cheat? Are they victims of a conspiracy? Or blessed with a miracle? Looking for a logical explanation to their situation, Petros starts distrusting Anna, who chooses to embrace the pregnancy, turning to religion to cope. Their previously unshakeable bond starts to falter and cracks begin to show, as their relationship becomes the battleground between the rational and the spiritual. Set against the striking frozen landscapes of Siberia, „Still River” is a haunting, touching suspense drama about love, trust and faith struggling in the face of doubt.


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