Ghostbox Cowboy (2018)


芦GATUNEK禄 1h 30min | Akcja, Przygodowy, Komedia, LEKTOR.PL

芦OPIS FiLMU禄 Ambitny Teksa艅czyk Jimmy Van Horn (David Zellner) poszukuje inwestora, kt贸ry uwierzy艂by, 偶e urz膮dzenie do komunikacji z duchami zapewni im obu du偶e zyski. Aby przyci膮gn膮膰 zainteresowanie, buduje wizerunek kowboja i ameryka艅skiej gwiazdy filmowej z blond peruk膮.

芦PLOT禄 John Maringouin’s brilliant, darkly comedic morality tale examines a wildly ambitious Westerner who tries to get in on China’s tech boom and finds that he may not be up to the task. Texan Jimmy Van Horn is a cowboy huckster who arrives in the booming city of Shenzhen with a couple of bitcoins and huge ambitions of parlaying them into economic success. Lucky for Jimmy, he’s got a friend holding open the back door to this „accidental Shangri-La” – Bob Grainger – who’s gotten new teeth, a blonde wig and looks twenty years younger. He promises to do the same for Jimmy in 6 weeks. Maringouin develops a startling visual language in this excitingly fresh, complex perspective on China’s economic growth – and the gold rush mentality it inspires.