Mowa ptaków (2019)


«GATUNEK» 2h 18min | Dramat, FiLM.POLSKI

«OPIS FILMU» Niepokorny nauczyciel z Warszawy ubolewa nad degradacją polskiego społeczeństwa. Razem z grupą równie zniechęconych znajomych postanawia podjąć radykalne działania.

«PLOT» The script was written by Andrzej Zulawski and is his most contemporary story. It’s about Poles and Poland and is concerned with what is happening here and now. It tells the story of brothers, couples and friends, all trying to find a place in contemporary Warsaw. Intellectuals, teachers, musicians and painters, all barely making ends meet, but nevertheless intent on improving their country. The author was unable to make the film, but before his death he passed the script to his son, Xawery Zulawski. The story channels the unrest currently sweeping Poland and Europe. With its depiction of the groundswell of hatred and aggression on the streets and in the media, of people shouting to drown out one another’s arguments, and of the virtual civil war bringing a divided society ever closer to its doom.

3-11-2019 ??