Salma w krainie dusz / Salma's Big Wish / Dia de Muertos (2019)

Salma w krainie dusz / Salma’s Big Wish / Dia de Muertos (2019)

«GATUNEK» 1h 35min | Animowany, Familijny, Fantasy, DUBBiNG.PL

«OPIS FILMU» Dzięki mocy amuletu osierocona dziewczynka dowiaduje się, jak odszukać mamę i tatę. Wkrótce ona i jej przyszywani bracia, Jorge i Pedro, rozpoczną niezwykłą wyprawę, która przeniesie całą trójkę w zaświaty.

«PLOT» In the Mexican town of Santa Clara, lives Salma, a 16 year-old orphan who never got to meet her biological parents. The only story she’s been told her whole life is that they abandoned her. Salma has spent most of her life dedicated to searching out clues for her parents’ identity and their whereabouts with little to no luck, until she discovers a special book that is filled with stories of Santa Clara and the history of their people. With this new special book, Salma sets off onto an adventure with her two brave and heart-warming foster brothers, Jorge and Pedro, to find the missing links to her family’s heritage in hopes to finally get to meet her long lost parents.