Downton Abbey (2019)

Downton Abbey (2019)

«GATUNEK» 2h 2min | Dramat, Romans, LEKTOR.PL

«OPIS FILMU» Niezwykłe domostwo – czegoś takiego jeszcze nie widzieliśmy – wystawne wnętrza, nieprawdopodobne kostiumy, glamour. Czas jeszcze raz znaleźć się w świecie, w którym przeplata się dramat, komedia i romans. Wracając do domu Granthamów, zobaczymy rodzinę oraz służbę w czasie przygotowań do największego zaszczytu, jaki można sobie wyobrazić – wizyty królewskiej.

«PLOT» The film begins in 1927, about a year and a half after the TV series ended. Buckingham Palace informs Robert and Cora Crawley, the Earl and Countess of Grantham, that King George V and Queen Mary will visit Downton Abbey as part of a royal tour through the country. Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham, is perturbed that Maud, Lady Bagshaw, Queen Mary’s lady-in-waiting, is included in the tour. Robert is Maud’s cousin and her closest relative. The two families have fallen out over who should inherit Maud’s estate.

Members of the royal household arrive, including Mr Wilson, the Royal Page of the Backstairs; Mrs. Webb, the Royal Housekeeper; Miss Lawton; the Queen’s Royal Dresser; Monsieur Courbet, the Royal Chef; and Richard Ellis, the King’s Royal Dresser. The Downton servants are affronted by the royal household’s arrogance. Upstairs, Lady Mary Talbot, the Crawley’s eldest daughter who oversees the estate, believes that butler Thomas Barrow is unable to manage a royal visit. She asks Mr. Carson, Downton’s retired butler, to temporarily resume his former duties. Barrow, upset, protests strongly but steps aside. Robert is impressed by Barrow’s principled stand and dismisses Mary’s suggestion that he be sacked. Downstairs, assistant cook Daisy delays planning her wedding to footman Andy Parker, unsure he is the right man. Andy, jealous when a plumber flirts with Daisy, reacts angrily and damages the newly repaired boiler.

A man calling himself Major Chetwode arrives in Downton Village. He seeks out the Granthams’ son-in-law, Tom Branson, who assumes Chetwode is a detective assessing security for the royal visit. Prior to the royal parade starting through Downton Village, Chetwode goes to where the King is awaiting the Royal Artillery, unaware that Tom, now suspicious, is trailing him. As Chetwode aims a pistol at King George, Tom tackles Chetwode, pinning him to the ground. Lady Mary, following Tom, kicks the weapon away. The real royal detectives arrest Chetwode, an Irish Republican sympathizer who believed erroneously that Tom was an ally.

The royal entourage immediately takes over the Downton household, displacing the downstairs staff. As the visit progresses, Tom and Lucy Smith, Maud’s maid, form a mutual attraction and agree, eventually, to write to one another. Bertie and Edith Pelham, the Marquess and Marchioness of Hexham, have also arrived at Downton; Edith being the younger Crawley daughter. The King informs Bertie that he is to accompany the Prince of Wales on a three-month Tour of Africa. The news distresses Edith, who is pregnant and expects that she will give birth just as Bertie is departing on the tour. In the garden, Tom encounters a sobbing young woman, unaware she is Princess Mary. He initiates a conversation which inspires the Princess to stay with her husband. Meanwhile, Anna discovers that Miss Lawton has been stealing objects from Downton Abbey. She confronts Lawton, demanding that she return the items, then blackmails her into altering Lady Edith’s ballgown by the next day, as the wrong garment has been delivered to Downton.

Anna and John Bates unite the staff into retaking control downstairs and defending Downton Abbey’s honour, though Mr. Carson is reluctant, initially. Barrow, along with Mr Ellis, implements the plan, employing a ruse to trick most royal household staff into returning to London. Anna slips a strong sleeping aid into the royal chef’s tea, and Mr. Wilson is „accidentally” locked inside his room, allowing Mrs. Patmore to cook and Mr. Carson and the Downton footmen to wait at table. When the King praises the revised menu, Molesley stuns everyone by responding impulsively that Mrs. Patmore prepared the dinner, and the Downton staff is serving it. Robert apologises for Molesley’s outburst, but the Queen compliments the meal and says they are accustomed to people behaving strangely around them.

That same evening, Barrow and Ellis go to York. While Ellis visits his parents, Barrow waits at a local pub where he is approached by a man who invites him to a secret nightclub for homosexual men. Almost as soon as Barrow arrives, police raid the club, arresting everyone. Ellis discovers what happened and uses his influence as a Royal Household member to secure Barrow’s release. After, the two men develop a bond, and Ellis later gives Barrow a memento, trusting that they will meet again.

As the conflict over Maud’s estate escalates, Isobel, Lady Merton, surmises correctly that Lucy is Maud’s secret illegitimate daughter. Maud has named Lucy her heir out of love. Violet is understanding when told the facts, but schemes to unite the two households through Lucy and Tom. Henry Talbot, Mary’s husband, arrives home in time to accompany the family to Harewood House with the royal party. Princess Mary informs her parents that Tom influenced her decision to save her marriage, prompting the King to tell Tom that he has more than one thing to thank him for. The King has also been persuaded to release Bertie from the imminent tour.

During the ball at Harewood, Lady Mary queries her grandmother privately, regarding her recent trip to London. Violet confides that medical tests show she may die soon. Violet assures a distraught Mary that Downton’s legacy will be safe in Mary’s hands. Lucy enters the ballroom, bringing Maud a handkerchief as a pretence, to watch the dancing. Tom later finds Lucy out on the terrace and dances with her. Back at Downton, Daisy, impressed by Andy’s strong feelings for her after admitting that it was he who damaged the boiler, out of jealousy, is ready to plan their wedding. Mr Carson and Mrs. Hughes discuss Downton’s future. Carson asserts it will stand for another hundred years with the Crawley family still in residence.

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