Nieoszlifowane diamenty / Uncut Gems (2019)


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芦OPIS FiLMU禄 Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) to w艂a艣ciciel salonu jubilerskiego w Nowym Jorku. W艣r贸d jego klient贸w s膮 najs艂awniejsi i najbogatsi ludzie. Musi sp艂aci膰 d艂ug po tym, jak zabrano cz臋艣膰 jego towaru…

Howard, charyzmatyczny sprzedawca bi偶uterii, jest zdeterminowany, aby udowodni膰, 偶e jest mistrzem w swoim fachu, jednak marzy mu si臋 wej艣cie na wy偶szy poziom. Ub贸stwia swoich klient贸w, w艣r贸d kt贸rych prym wiod膮 s艂ynni sportowcy. Sprzedaj膮c im swoje wyroby, czuje si臋 cz臋艣ci膮 艣wiata s艂awy i pieni臋dzy. Aby dosta膰 do superligi gwiazd, musi wsp贸艂pracowa膰 jednak ze swoim po艣rednikiem Demanym.

芦PLOT禄 In 2012, Howard Ratner, a jeweler in New York’s Diamond District, receives an uncut opal he ordered from an Ethiopian Jewish mining company. He plans to auction off the opal, which he values at over a million dollars, to cover his many gambling debts.

Basketball player Kevin Garnett takes an interest in the opal and asks to keep it temporarily for good luck at his game that night. Howard reluctantly agrees, taking Garnett’s championship ring as collateral. He then immediately sells the ring to a pawn shop to place a large bet on the game, planning to buy it back with his winnings. Meanwhile, Howard’s domestic life is split between his mistress Julia and his wife Dinah, who intends to divorce him after Passover.

Howard wins his bet on Garnett’s game, but Garnett wishes to keep the opal for longer. That night, Howard is ambushed by Arno, his brother-in-law and a loan shark he owes money to, and his bodyguards Phil and Nico. When Howard explains that he can pay him back with the money he won, Arno reveals that he placed a stop on the bet, as it was made with money owed to him.

Garnett returns the opal and offers Howard $175,000 for it, which Howard refuses. At the auction, the opal’s price is appraised for significantly lower than Howard’s estimate, forcing him to use his father-in-law Gooey to bid on it to drive up its price. This backfires when Garnett bows out before the bid reaches $200,000, leaving Howard and Gooey with the opal. Garnett later agrees to purchase the opal for $175,000. Instead of paying off his debts, however, Howard plans to place another bet on Garnett’s game that night.

Arno, Phil, and Nico arrive at the store to collect their money, but Howard has Julia take the money to a casino to place the bet and locks them in the vestibule for the duration of the game. Howard鈥檚 bet ultimately pays off, netting him over a million dollars. He releases the gangsters, only for a fed-up Phil and Nico to immediately kill him, and then Arno when he protests. The pair loot the store as Howard lies bleeding out on the floor.

Nieoszlifowane diamenty / Uncut Gems (2019)


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