Dwóch papieży / The Two Popes (2019)

Dwóch papieży / The Two Popes (2019)

«GATUNEK» 2h 5min | Biograficzny, Komedia, Dramat, LEKTOR.PL

«OPIS FILMU» W 2012 roku kardynał Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce), głęboko zawiedziony kierunkiem, w którym zmierza Kościół Katolicki prosi papieża Benedykta (Anthony Hopkins), aby pozwolił mu przejść na emeryturę. Zamiast tego nękany wątpliwościami i stojący w obliczu skandalu Benedykt wzywa swojego najsurowszego krytyka i przyszłego następcę do Watykanu, aby wyjawić mu tajemnicę, która wstrząśnie podstawami kościoła. Na tle toczącej się za murami Watykanu walki tradycji z postępem i poczucia winy z przebaczeniem, te dwie skrajnie różniące się postacie będą musiały stawić czoła przeszłości i znaleźć wspólny język. To wszystko, aby zapewnić przetrwanie kościoła i nie stracić zaufania milionów wyznawców.

«PLOT» In April 2005, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, is called to Vatican City following the death of Pope John Paul II to elect a new pope. Bergoglio is considered by some cardinals as an alternative against the frontrunner, German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who is eventually elected and becomes Pope Benedict XVI. Seven years later, the Catholic Church becomes embroiled in what becomes known as the Vatican leaks scandal, while Benedict’s tenure becomes tainted by accusations from the public about his role in the scandal. Controversy also rages about the Church’s handling of scandals involving pedophile priests especially the case of Peter Hullermann, which Cardinal Ratzinger had personally handled, in which the offending priest had been returned to a different parish where he continued his abuse of children.

Bergoglio wants to resign from his position as Archbishop but he cannot get the Pope to answer his letters. He decides to book a flight to Rome to personally deliver his resignation, but he gets a letter from the Pope inviting him to come to the Vatican. Bergoglio and the Pope meet at the Pope’s summer residence of the Palace of Castel Gandolfo and amid a conversation in the garden, the two have a tense debate over the role of God and the role of the church. Bergoglio tries to persuade the pope to accept his letter of resignation, but Benedict angrily rejects the idea, saying it would appear to the world as a vote of no confidence in Benedict’s leadership and weaken the Catholic Church. Despite their fight, Benedict asks him to remain at the palace for dinner, eating their meals in separate rooms.

Bergoglio is invited to a room where Benedict often comes to relax, and the two have an informal chat, putting aside their differences and slowly begin to warm up to each other. Benedict discusses how the smoke from a candle he put out drifted down instead of up (taking it as a message from God), and later talks about his personal interest in music and they watch Benedict’s favorite show, Kommisar Rex, on television together – in order to avoid discussion of Bergoglio’s letter. Bergoglio begins to talk about his early life and how he decided to become a priest. He joins the Jesuits and is introduced to Father Franz Jalics and Father Orlando Yorio who become his spiritual friends, while sacrificing his engagement to his lover Esther.

The next day, the two ride a helicopter to the Vatican, and Benedict again avoids discussion of Bergoglio’s resignation, this time by letting the sound of the helicopter rotors drown out the sound of Bergoglio speaking. Benedict meets with Bergoglio in the Sistine Chapel, confiding in him about his intentions to resign the papacy. Shocked, Bergoglio objects and argues for church tradition and continuity. Benedict replies that he has changed his mind about tradition and now sees change as essential. Benedict also comments that Bergoglio (who came in second in the 2005 conclave) could be his successor, but Bergoglio rejects this idea, claiming that his perceived collaboration with the Argentine military dictatorship and his own failure to both protect his friends and confront the junta may have tainted his reputation. Bergoglio explains that following the „Dirty War” (in which Esther was killed), he had lost his position as head of the Jesuits in Argentina and was exiled by the order to serve for ten years as an ordinary parish priest among the poorest people.

Over time, Father Jalics reconciles with Bergoglio, but Bergoglio carries guilt from never finding reconciliation with Father Yorio. His memories of his own actions and inaction during the dictatorship continue to haunt him. Benedict comforts Bergoglio and gives him absolution. Benedict and Bergoglio then share a pizza together in the Room of Tears, where Benedict, after making his own confession, admits he cannot hear the word of God anymore and affirms his wishes to abdicate. Bergoglio, in turn, comforts the Pope and offers him absolution as well.

The two emerge from the room where people touring the Sistine Chapel are surprised to see the pontiff. Benedict goes out, alone and unguarded, to greet the masses and take selfies with them.

As Bergoglio departs back home to Argentina, the Pope and Bergoglio perform an impromptu tango dance together seen by their whole retinue.

One year later, Pope Benedict XVI delivers his resignation to the world. A couple of weeks later, Cardinal Bergoglio is elected Benedict’s successor in the 2013 papal conclave and becomes Pope Francis. The continuing friendship of the two popes is shown as they watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina together, while a candle burns out and the smoke drifts up.