Snatchers 2019

Snatchers (2019)

«GATUNEK» 1h 36min | Komedia, Horror, Sci-Fi

«OPIS FILMU» Nastoletnia Sara budzi się rano… i jest w dziewiątym miesiącu ciąży z …. kosmita !?

«PLOT»Senior year is going to rule! Thanks to her relationship with clueless hunk Skyler, Sara is totally in with the cool girls. But Skyler contracted an extraterrestrial bug during his summer vacation. After just one night together, Sara discovers she’s Nine. Months. Pregnant. Desperate to keep her condition on the DL, she turns to the only person she can trust: her nerdy ex-bestie, Hayley. The girls soon realize this alien problem is only just the beginning. Aliens had best beware in this hilarious comedy filled with action and tongue-in-cheek teen spirit.


8-1-2020 ??