Richard Jewell (2019)

Richard Jewell (2019)

芦GATUNEK禄 2h 11min | Biograficzny, Kryminalny, Dramat

芦OPIS FiLMU禄 Dzie艂o powsta艂o na podstawie opublikowanego na 艂amach „Vanity Fair” artyku艂u Marie Brenner, kt贸rego bohaterem by艂 ochroniarz pracuj膮cy w czasie Igrzysk Olimpijskich w Atlancie w 1996 roku. W czasie swej pracy w wiosce olimpijskiej znalaz艂 podejrzany plecak, w kt贸rym znaleziono bomb臋. Dzi臋ki jego interwencji uda艂o si臋 zapobiec atakowi i ca艂y teren zosta艂 ewakuowany. Jewell natychmiast zosta艂 obwo艂any bohaterem. Z zaszczyt贸w m贸g艂 si臋 cieszy膰 tylko przez trzy dni, po kt贸rych sta艂 si臋 g艂贸wnym podejrzanym, a jego 偶ycie zmieni艂o si臋 diametralnie. Ostatecznie, po trzech miesi膮cach, FBI oczy艣ci艂o z zarzut贸w Jewella.
Paul Walter Hauser gra g艂贸wn膮 posta膰. Kathy Bates wciela si臋 w pracuj膮c膮 w ubezpieczeniach matk臋 g艂贸wnego bohatera, Bobi Jewell. W filmie wyst臋puje r贸wnie偶 Sam Rockwell jako adwokat, kt贸ry broni艂 Richarda Jewella, gdy ten zosta艂 nies艂usznie oskar偶ony. Olivia Wilde gra reporterk臋 Kathy Scruggs, a Jon Hamm will wciela si臋 w agenta FBI.
Re偶yserem produkcji jest Clint Eastwood.

芦PLOT禄 In 1986, Richard Jewell works as an office supply clerk in a small public law firm, where he builds a rapport with attorney Watson Bryant. He leaves the firm to be a security guard at Piedmont College, hoping to work in law enforcement, but is fired after multiple complaints of acting beyond his jurisdiction. Jewell moves in with his mother Bobi in Atlanta. In the summer of 1996, he works as a security guard at the Olympic Games, monitoring Centennial Park.

In the early morning of July 27, 1996, after chasing off drunken revelers during a Jack Mack and the Heart Attack concert, Jewell notices a suspicious package beneath a bench, which an explosives expert confirms contains a bomb. The security team, including police officers, FBI agent Tom Shaw, and Jewell鈥檚 friend Dave Dutchess, are moving concert attendees away from the bomb when it detonates, and Jewell is initially heralded as a hero.

At Atlanta’s FBI office, Shaw and his team determine that Jewell, as a white, male, „wanna-be” police officer, fits the common profile of perpetrators committing similar crimes, comparing him to others who sought glory and attention by rescuing people from a dangerous situation they caused themselves.

Shaw is approached by journalist Kathy Scruggs of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. In exchange for sex, Shaw reveals that Jewell is under FBI suspicion. The Constitution publishes Scruggs鈥 story on the front page, disclosing the FBI’s interest in Jewell as a possible suspect. Scruggs makes particular note of Jewell’s physique, the fact he lives with his mother, and work history to reassure herself that he fits the FBI鈥檚 profile. The story quickly becomes international news.

Jewell, initially unaware of his changing public perception, is lured to the FBI office. He initially cooperates but refuses to sign an acknowledgement he has been read his Miranda Rights, and instead phones Watson Bryant for legal representation. Bryant, now running his own struggling law firm, agrees and makes Jewell aware he is a prime suspect.

Shaw and partner Sam Bennet visit the dean of Piedmont College, who reinforces their suspicion of Jewell. The FBI searches Jewell’s home and seize property including true crime books and a cache of firearms. Jewell admits to Bryant that he has been evading income taxes for years and was once arrested for exceeding his authority. Bryant scolds Jewell for being too collegial with the police officers investigating him. Jewell admits his ingrained respect for authority makes it difficult for him not to be deferential, even when the authorities are trying to do him harm.

Jewell and Bryant confront Scruggs, demanding a retraction and apology, but she stands by her reporting. Still not completely convinced of Jewell’s innocence, Bryant and his long-suffering secretary Nadya time the distance between the phone booth and bomb site, concluding it is impossible for someone to phone in the bomb threat and discover the bomb at the time it was found. Scruggs and Shaw have made the same conclusion, and the FBI changes their picture of the crime to include an accomplice. As their case weakens, the FBI try to link Dutchess to Jewell as a possible homosexual accomplice.

Bryant arranges a polygraph examination which Jewell passes, removing Bryant’s doubt about his innocence. Bobi holds a press conference and pleas for the investigation to cease so she and her son may get on with their lives. Jewell and Bryant meet with Shaw and Bennet at the FBI office, and after some irrelevant questions, Jewell realizes they have no shred of evidence against him. When he asks pointedly if they are ready to charge him, their silence convinces him to leave, finally having lost his sense of awe for law enforcement officers.

Eighty-eight days after being named „a person of interest”, Jewell is informed by formal letter that he is no longer under investigation.

In April 2005, Jewell, now a police officer in Luthersville, Georgia, is visited by Bryant who tells him that Eric Rudolph has confessed to the Centennial Olympic Park bombing.

An epilogue states that two years later, on August 29, 2007, Jewell passed away at the age of 44 of complications from diabetes and heart failure.


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