Doktor Dolittle / Dolittle (2020)


«GATUNEK» Akcja, Przygodowy, Komedia | 1h 41min | DUBBiNG.PL

«OPIS FILMU» Siedem lat po śmierci swojej żony, ekscentryczny John Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.), znany lekarz i weterynarz w wiktoriańskiej Anglii, staje się pustelnikiem, ukrywającym się za wysokimi murami Dworu Dolittle, mając w towarzystwie jedynie swoją menażerię zwierząt. Ale gdy królowa Wiktoria (Jessie Buckley) zapada na śmiertelną chorobę, niechętny Dolittle musi wypłynąć na wyprawę na mityczną wyspę w poszukiwaniu lekarstwa, odzyskując poczucie humoru i odwagę, a także natrafiając na starych wrogów i różne niezwykłe stworzenia.

«PLOT» Dr. John Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.), is a vet who has the ability to communicate with animals. After his wife, Lily (Kasia Smutniak) dies at sea, Dolittle confines himself to his home, tending to only animals and refusing to contact or assist with other humans. One day, a boy named Tommy Stubbins (Harry Collett), accidentally shoots and wounds a squirrel named Kevin (Craig Robinson), and decides to go to Dolittle for help.

Meanwhile, Queen Victoria (Jessie Buckley), sends a message, ordering Dolittle to come in order to try to cure her of a deadly sickness. After being persuaded by Polynesia the Macaw (Emma Thompson), Dolittle finally decides to go. Upon reaching her, he finds that the Queen has eaten a poisonous type of nightshade. To be cured, she must eat a fruit from a land far away. Dolittle, Tommy, and a crew of animals put to sail, hoping to find the cure while trying to avoid Dolittle’s lifelong rival, Dr. Blair Müdfly (Michael Sheen). Dolittle leaves his dog, Jip (Tom Holland) and a stick insect behind to watch over the Queen while he’s away. Along the way, Dolittle’s boat is attacked by Dr. Blair Müdfly, but they manage to escape by attaching a harness to a humpback whale that pulls the boat to safety.

However, Dolittle is soon captured by King Rassouli (Antonio Banderas), his former father-in-law, and is locked in a cage with Barry (Ralph Fiennes), a cranky tiger only looking for his mother’s approval. Just when it seem Dolittle is in trouble, Chee-Chee the Gorilla (Rami Malek) breaks in and attacks Barry. Dolittle and Stubbins escape only to be captured by Müdfly and have their ship destroyed. After seeing a saddened Dolittle, Rassouli loans him a boat to honour his daughter.

Dolittle and company arrive at an island where they meet Ginko-Who-Soars (Frances de la Tour), a fire breathing dragon. Ginko begins attacking before she collapses due to internal pain. Dolittle figures out what is hurting the dragon and proceeds to remove armour and bagpipes (from previously eaten trespassers) from her behind. Relieved and thankful, Ginko shows Dolittle the tree with the cure. Stubbins gives the queen the plant which cures her. Dolittle’s stick bug reveals that Lord Thomas Badgley (Jim Broadbent), one of the Queen’s chairmen, poisoned her in order to take the crown for himself; the queen has him arrested for treason.

Dolittle re-opens the doors to his sanctuary, now including Stubbins.

In a mid-credits scene, we see Müdfly trying to communicate with bats that turn around and attack him.

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