Cage II / Klatka 2: Arena śmierci (1994)

GATUNEK: akcja, dramat, LEKTOR.PL

OPIS: Bohater KLATKI, niezrównany Lou Ferrigno powraca w KLATCE II. Jest zakładnikiem chińskiego gangu, którym dowodzi Tim Yum Lin (James Shigeta). Uwięziony w klatce Lou ma tylko jedna szansę na przeżycie

PLOT: After surviving Vietnam and the illegal fighting circuit, one man finds himself facing a whole new set of challenges in this action-drama. Billy Thomas (Lou Ferrigno) is a kind soul who happens to have a colossal body and a remarkable talent for the martial arts. Tim Yum Lin (James Shigeta) is leader of an underground crime syndicate who has dreamed up a way to profit from Billy’s size and strength. Tim and his underlings kidnap Billy and hold him captive, telling him that his best friend has been killed and he must obey or he’ll be next. Billy is forced to take on a number of brutal, fearless competitors in no-holds-barred cage matches held in an underground arena,