Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

«GATUNEK» Animowany, Akcja, Sci-Fi, PLSUBBED

«OPIS FILMU» W historii zobaczymy, jak najwięksi superbohaterowie na świecie raz na zawsze zmierzą się z despotycznym Darkseidem – gdy los całej ludzkości wisi na włosku…

«PLOT» Having conquered countless worlds, Darkseid makes his way to Earth, which he had previously failed to invade.[a] To counter this, the Justice League, joined by John Constantine and his lover Zatanna, form a plan but unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by Darkseid through Victor Stone. The League travel to Apokolips while the Teen Titans remain on Earth as a homeguard.

Upon arrival, the heroes are attacked by „Para-dooms,” genetic hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday. Most of them are killed while Darkseid dismantles Victor and fully integrates him to the planet Apokolips, brainwashes Bruce Wayne using the Mobius Chair, suppresses Clark Kent’s powers by injecting him with liquid Kryptonite, imprisoning Barry Allen to eternally run on a treadmill powering Apokolips, and converting some of the remaining heroes that were killed into cybernetic Furies except for Bruce’s son Damian, who luckily escapes. John hesitatingly flees back to Earth as he watches Zatanna get killed .

Two years later, Darkseid has complete control of Earth. Lex Luthor has become a New God representative, reporting to Batman on the progress of devices called „Reapers” that are mining Earth’s core. Clark is blamed for their failure. Clark, having rescued a depressed Raven, goes with her to find John in London for a locator spell to recruit Damian so that they can use him to free Bruce. Raven teleports the group to Damian’s location, which severely weakens her due to her father Trigon’s attempts to escape Raven’s magical borne prison.[b]

After recruiting Damian, they then teleport to Metropolis where Clark’s wife Lois Lane has recruited former members of the Suicide Squad along with other inmates of Belle Reve, now led by Harley Quinn following Amanda Waller’s death from cancer.[c] With the team gathered, Lois plans to use the Boom Tube gate from LexCorp to return to Apokolips to free Bruce after. At the building, they are confronted by Lex who reveals he was just working undercover. Lex then teleports Clark’s team to Apokolips while Lois, Lex, and the Suicide Squad stay behind to guard the portal.

As Darkseid is currently conquering Oa, Batman informs him of Lex’s betrayal prompting Darkseid to send the Furies to Apokolips while Batman sends Paradooms to LexCorp. On Apokolips, Clark’s team are confronted by the Furies, resulting in the death of Etrigan. John gains control of the Lasso of Truth, and uses it to free Diana. Diana stays behind to fend off the rest of the Furies while the group finds Barry and breaks him free from the treadmill. John sees into Barry’s mind and discovers he was the one who caused the Flashpoint,[d] leading into the present-day’s events. The group then discover Victor under Darkseid’s mind control. John performs a technopathic spell on Victor to free him, which also frees the other heroes that were converted into Furies, just as Batman and Darkseid return. Darkseid orders Batman to kill Damian. But after beating Damian up, he hesitates right before he is about to kill him after remembering the night his parents were killed, successfully freeing himself, in the process he throws Damian’s Kryptonite Katanna into Darkseid’s left eye. This angers Darkseid and he retaliates by attempting to kill Batman using his Omega beams, Damian sacrifices himself to save his father. The death of Damian angers Raven, subsequently releasing Trigon. John offers himself as a host, but Trigon possesses Clark instead and kills John.

Back at LexCorp, Lex, Lois and the Suicide Squad get surrounded by Paradooms. Before blowing up the building and sacrificing themselves, Lois transmits a goodbye message to Apokolips, triggering Clark to break free of Trigon’s control and regain his powers. John is briefly taken to the afterlife where Zatanna reveals that she used her magic to make John flee as a backup plan created by Bruce. Now free of his guilt for running, John is revived by Zatanna as Raven also revives Damian. Raven and John give Trigon his physical body back to fight Darkseid as a distraction. Victor teleports the Paradooms back to Apokolips and the heroes and former Furies to Earth before creating a black hole that drags Darkseid, Trigon, and Apokolips into oblivion, sacrificing himself.

Despite their victory, Bruce reveals that 31% of the Earth’s molten core has been lost, dooming the planet as the Earth’s rotation will be affected. To prevent this, John convinces Barry to erase this timeline and create a second Flashpoint, despite Barry’s promise to his wife Iris to not do it again. As he does so, the heroes watch their timeline being reset while Damian and Raven kiss in the end.