A Good Woman Is Hard to Find (2019)

A Good Woman Is Hard to Find (2019)

«GATUNEK» Kryminalny, Thriller

«OPIS FILMU» Niedawno owdowiała młoda matka dokłada wszelkich starań, aby chronić swoje dzieci, szukając prawdy o morderstwie męża.

«PLOT» Sarah Collins, recently widowed young mother of two kids Ben and Lucy, is desperate to know who murdered her husband Stephen. Her son Ben has been an elective mute since the day he witnessed his father being knifed to death on their estate in the middle of the day. Police have done nothing to catch the killer, categorizing his death as a falling out amongst thieves.

Then Tito literally bursts into Sarah’s world. He’s ripped off local crime boss Leo Miller and decides to stash the stolen drugs in her flat. Frightened senseless, Sarah wants nothing to do with this but is caught between a rock and a hard place, she sees an opportunity to use Tito to gain information about what might have happened to her husband with the hope of eventually returning to some semblance of a normal life.

Sarah’s son Ben accidentally finds drugs and also tries some. Sarah tries to clean him up before Tito bursts back into the house and tries to rape Sarah but she stabs him to death and disposes of his remains. Leo finds out that Tito was the one who stole his drugs and his connection to Sarah. Leo confronts Sarah and the kids while they are out shopping. Ben runs away after seeing Leo and when Sarah catches on to him, he confirms that Leo was the one who killed his father. She later agrees with Leo that she will bring him Tito, but first she takes Ben and his sister Lucy to their grandmother’s house for safety.

Sarah goes to the nightclub to meet Leo, carrying with her Tito’s head, and orders Leo to leave her and her family alone. When Leo doesn’t comply, then she kills Leo and his thugs after learning they killed Stephen for getting into their business. The murders are dismissed as gang related violence.