Niebieski żołnierz / Soldier Blue (1970)

Niebieski żołnierz / Soldier Blue (1970)


«OPIS FiLMU» Pewien oddział kawalerii zostaje zmasakrowany przez Czejenów. Przeżyły tylko dwie osoby: szeregowy Honus i śliczna Cresta. Razem muszą dotrzeć do bazy kawalerii, tymczasem po drodze między nimi rodzą się różne uczucia. Po dotarciu do bazy okazuje się, że następnego dnia ma nastąpić atak na wioskę Czejenów.

«PLOT» In 1877 Colorado Territory, a young woman, Cresta Lee, and young U.S. Private Honus Gant are joined together by fate when they are the only two survivors after their group is massacred by the Cheyenne. Gant is devoted to his country and duty; Lee, who has lived with the Cheyenne for two years, is scornful of Gant (she refers to him as „Soldier Blue” derisively) and declares that in this conflict she sympathizes with them. The two must now try to make it to Fort Reunion, the army camp, where Cresta’s fiancé, an army officer, waits for her. As they travel through the desert with very low supplies, hiding from the Indians, they are spotted by a group of Kiowa horsemen. Under pressure from Cresta, Honus fights and seriously wounds the group’s chief. Honus finds himself unable to kill the chief and the chief’s own men stab him for his defeat and leave Honus and Cresta alone. The ideological gulf between them is also revealed in their attitudes towards societal mores, with the almost-puritanical Honus disturbed by things Cresta barely notices.

Eventually, after being pursued by a Jewish trader named Isaac Cumber, who sells guns to the Cheyenne, but whose latest shipment of weapons Honus has destroyed, Honus finds himself in a cave where Cresta has left him to get help. She arrives at Fort Reunion, only to discover that her fiancé’s cavalry unit plans to attack the peaceful Indian village of the Cheyenne the following day. She runs away on a horse and reaches the village in time to warn Spotted Wolf, the Cheyenne chief. The chief does not recognize the danger and, using the U.S. flag, rides out to extend a hand of friendship to the American soldiers. The soldiers, however, obey the orders of their commanding officer to open fire on the village.

After a cavalry charge decimates the Indian men, the soldiers enter the village and begin to rape and kill the female survivors. Honus protests and attempts to disrupt the massacre, to no avail. Cresta attempts to lead the remaining women and children to safety, but her group is discovered and massacred, though Cresta herself survives. After the battle, Honus is led away in shackles and Cresta departs with the remaining few survivors.