Altar (2014) 


OPIS FILMU: Meg odnawiająca starą posiadłość przenosi się do niej z rodziną. Podczas renowacji odkrywa stary ołtarz, na którym poprzedni właściciel Radcliffe rzekomo zabił swą żonę, a następnie utopił się. Rodzina zaczyna odczuwać obecność duchów, a Alec, mąż Meg, zostaje opętany przez Radcliffa próbującego powtórzyć swe zbrodnie.

PLOT: Artist Alec Hamilton, his wife Meg and their children Penny and Harper move into the bleak and isolated Radcliffe Hall in Yorkshire, which Meg is refurbishing for an American client. Penny believes she sees a ghost in one of Meg’s photos of the house and later claims that a ghostly young woman tried to get into bed with her. Uncovering what they believe is a satanic altar on which Radcliffe allegedly killed his wife in 1845 before drowning himself causes the workmen to quit and Penny brings in psychic Nigel Lean, who tells them that Radcliffe’s presence is very strong in the house. Meg is sceptical until she too sees a ghost and senses that Alec, who cut his hand which now bleeds for no reason, is being taken over by the ghost of Radcliffe. As night falls she prepares to take the children and flee but first must overcome Alec, who seems determined that history should repeat itself with Meg being sacrificed on the altar.