THE Walking Dead - The Complete Fourth Season SEZON 4
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GATUNEK – Dramat, Horror

OPIS SERIALU –  Oparty na stworzonym przez Roberta Kirkmana, jednym z najbardziej popularnych komiksów naszych czasów, serial „The Walking Dead” powraca z drugą częścią czwartego sezonu.

Serial opowiada o grupie ocalałych ludzi, w świecie opanowanym przez zombie. Tymi, którym udało się przetrwać apokalipsę, dowodzi oficer Rick Grimes, (Andrew Lincoln „To właśnie miłość”).

Pierwsza część czwartego sezonu zakończyła się wojną, którą wielu bohaterów przypłaciło życiem, w tym gubernator (David Morrissey, „Kochanice króla”) oraz Hershel (Scott Wilson, „Dziewczyna moich koszmarów”), a w chaosie, który powstał w wyniku strzelaniny wielu bohaterów pogubiło swoich bliskich.

Druga część sezonu rozpoczyna się poszukiwaniem nowego schronienia, nikt już nie jest bezpieczny w więzieniu, morale wśród ocalałych jest coraz słabsze, a większość bohaterów straciło jakąkolwiek nadzieję na odnalezienie reszty grupy, tylko Carl (Chandler Riggs, „Aż po grób”) wydaje się być coraz silniejszy. W najnowszej odsłonie „The Walking Dead” pojawi się również zupełnie nowa, ekscytująca postać…

PLOT – The fourth season begins several months after The Governor’s failed attack on the prison, where life has become relatively peaceful for the enlarged group of survivors. Following Rick’s renouncement of leadership, a council is formed consisting of Hershel, Glenn, Sasha, Daryl, and Carol, who is secretly teaching the group’s children survival skills and the use of weapons. Michonne continues to hunt for The Governor. This peace is disrupted when a deadly influenza virus ravages the population, killing a number of survivors and causing a walker outbreak. The survivors then learn that someone has been feeding rats to the walkers swarming the outer fence, and shortly afterward, two sick survivors (Karen and her friend David) are found stabbed in the head and their corpses burned. The virus persists, and the infected are quarantined, including Glenn, Sasha, and a child named Lizzie Samuels. Hershel decides to care for the infected in the quarantined cell block while Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and former army medic Bob Stookey leave to scavenge medicine from a veterinary college. Rick soon deduces that Carol was the murderer, and after a short supply run he banishes her from the group. Quarantined survivors killed by the flu become walkers, who eventually overrun the quarantined area, and outside, hordes walkers attracted by the rats breach the outer fence, but Hershel, Maggie, Rick and Carl manage to contain the situation until the scavenging team returns with the medicine.

Meanwhile, The Governor is revealed to be alive. He and two henchmen (Martinez and Shumpert) camped out after the failed prison attack, but the two abandon him when he demonstrates signs of apathy. Finding himself alone, he burns down Woodbury and wanders aimlessly until he meets the Chambler family, consisting of sisters Lilly and Tara, their terminally ill father David, and Lilly’s daughter Meghan, who reminds The Governor of his dead daughter, Penny. He adopts a false identity and commits numerous good deeds for the family in an effort to atone for his past, and the family eventually warms up to him. After David’s death, the Chambler family insists upon accompanying The Governor on his journey to find a safe haven. They encounter Martinez, The Governor’s sole remaining henchman, who is now leading a group of other survivors. In a private conversation, Martinez proposes sharing leadership with him, but The Governor refuses and impulsively kills him. The Governor quickly becomes leader of the new group and, when a walker nearly kills Meghan, he concludes that the prison is the only safe place for his new family.

After leaving Lilly and Meghan at a river encampment, The Governor rallies his new army and takes Michonne and Hershel hostage. The Governor and his new army arrive at the prison with vehicles (including a tank), and he negotiates with Rick, who proposes they peacefully coexist. The Governor refuses and decapitates Hershel with Michonne’s katana, provoking a firefight between the two camps. Lilly arrives carrying Meghan’s corpse; the girl died after being attacked by a walker. The Governor shoots Meghan in the head and orders the tank to run down the fences, allowing walkers to overrun the area. Tara, shell-shocked, wanders off from the battle. The Governor’s army is eventually annihilated, but the surviving prison inhabitants are scattered. Rick confronts and fights The Governor, who nearly kills him, but Michonne saves Rick by running The Governor through with her katana and leaves him for dead. Rick reunites with Carl, and the two search for Judith, only to find her empty baby carrier filled with blood. The two then flee from the prison. Lilly finds the dying Governor and shoots him in the head.

The Walking Dead – Sezon 4

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