Mockingbird (2014)

GATUNEK: Horror, Thriller, LEKTOR.PL

OPIS FILMU: Pewna para otrzymuje paczkę z kasetą, na której znajdują instrukcje, które muszą wykonać, jeśli chcą przeżyć. Rozpoczyna się koszmar…

PLOT: The film follows three groups of people, all of whom have found a video camera on their doorstep and begun filming under the impression that this is the key to winning money from a mysterious competition. Tom (Todd Stashwick) is an average guy filming the life of his family with his wife Emmy. While Beth (Alexandra Lydon) is a bored and isolated college girl that sees the camera as something to fill her free time. Meanwhile Leonard (Barak Hardley) is a mother’s boy that believes that his clown makeup will steal the scene. Each group has been given a label – „The Family” (Tom & Emmy), „The Woman” (Beth), and „The Clown” (Leonard), but they are largely unaware of what is truly going on and are shocked when they receive instructions telling them to keep filming… or else.