The Night Crew(2015)

Krwawa noc / The Night Crew (2015) 

GATUNEK – Akcja, Thriller ,LEKTOR PL

OPIS FILMU – Grupa zatwardziałych łowców nagród stara się przetrwać noc w opuszczonym motelu, odpierając atak przestępców.

PLOT – The story centers around Mae (Chasty Ballesteros) who is wanted by Aguilar (Danny Trejo) the biggest Mexican cartel leader and a group of four American bounty hunters lead by Wade (Luke Goss). They need the bounty because the Californian Armenians are leaning on a guy in a wheel chair (Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein) in the world’s worst subplot. Mae knows Aguilar’s operation. He can’t afford to have her on the loose. Mae is hiding in a Tijuana strip joint, as we see her butt-polishing a pole on stage. Note to self: When bad guys are looking for you, don’t hide on stage in a strip joint.

There is a bit of a cat and mouse game going on. There is some inner tension within the crew because a woman (Luciana Faulhaber) is part of the bounty hunters filled with testosterone. Then about half way into the film it drops subtle hints that Mae is not your ordinary killer trained Asian girl living with an ugly Cartel leader in Mexico. This created a mystery, which was good, because the drama and dialogue left much to be desired like: „Tough chicks dig me.” The action consisted mostly of gun play, except for that one guy who brought a knife to the gun fight. Most likely a prop they had lying around.

Stars: Danny Trejo, Jason Mewes, Chasty Ballesteros, Luke Goss