Kosmiczna Misja / Battle Planet (2008)

Kosmiczna Misja - Battle Planet (2008) PL

Gatunek: Sci-Fi, Przygodowy, Akcja, LEKTOR.PL

OPIS FILMU: Akcja filmu osadzona została w niedalekiej przyszłości. Głównym bohaterem opowieści jest kapitan Jordan Strider, który niespodziewanie zostaje wybrany do wykonania niezwykle tajnej misji. Mężczyzna zostaje wysłany na wyludnioną planetę – Terra 219, by schwytać tam zdrajców…

PLOT: Dispatched on a top-secret mission to a distant planet, special-forces captain Jordan Strider (Zack Ward) must choose between fulfilling his duties and saving the world after uncovering a malevolent interstellar plot to wipe out humankind. The New World Alliance knows Captain Strider is a loyal soldier, so they sent him on one of the most dangerous missions imaginable. It appears that traitors are plotting against the Alliance on Terra 219. It’s Captain Strider’s job to bring the bad guys in. Outfitted with a state-of-the-art, government-issued power suit, Captain Strider blasts off to his deep-space destination. Upon arriving, he learns that the human race is in greater danger than ever before. Armed with the knowledge that Earth’s days may be numbered, yet explicitly instructed not to waver from his mission, the conflicted military man prepares to make a choice that could alter the course of human history.

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