Aquarius (2015– ) TV Series | 42 min | Crime, Drama


GATUNEK: Dramat, Kryminał

OPiS SERiALU: Sierżant policji z Los Angeles bada sprawę zaginięcia córki znanego prawnika, co prowadzi go na trop Charlesa Mansona.

PLOT: TV show Aquarius takes us into 1967. When teenage daughter of the respected lawyer goes missing, LAPD Sergeant Sam Hodiak is included in the investigation. After interviewing possible witnesses hippie kids, he realizes that they are not too friendly with the police. He needs someone to whom these people will trust. Sam enlists the aid of undercover cop Brian Shafe. The police investigation guides to the person whose name Charles Manson. He propagates sex, drugs, and murders. Manson is stalking vulnerable women and persuades them to join „the family.” He is trying to create a cult. Then they don’t know that this person and his criminal gang will make a series of brutal murders.

Aquarius US S01 BDRip x264-DEMAND