True Detective / Detektyw S02


GATUNEK: Dramat, Kryminał

OPIS SERIALU: Trójka detektywów z różnych miast i branż łączy siły, by odnaleźć osobę odpowiedzialną za zbrodnię na skorumpowanym zarządcy kalifornijskiego miasteczka. Wkrótce odkrywają oni, że śledztwo staje się bardziej mroczne i skomplikowane, niż na początku uważano.

PLOT: True Detective season 2 takes place in a some town in California. Unexpected murder of the town’s mayor becomes a real shock to the locals. Representatives from various law-enforcement services, which are located in several cities in the state are beginning to investigate this high-profile crime: former California motorcycle cop Paul Woodrugh who found the body at the scene crime, Ray Velcoro, a corrupt detective who doesn’t know how to restrain anger and Ani Bezzerides, a detective who had problems with alcohol and gambling in the past. In addition, Frank Semyon, successful entrepreneur and dangerous criminal, has own interests in the investigation of the murder – he is on the verge of losing own criminal empire and his attempt to do legitimate business is complicated by one small detail: the murder of a business partner.


Seasom 02 , Episode 08 – “Omega Station”

In the Season 2 finale, the identity of Caspere’s killer is revealed and the trail of corruption is exposed as Frank, Ray and Ani plan their next moves.


Seasom 02 , Episode 06 – “Church in Ruins”

Ani works undercover to try and infiltrate an exclusive party. Ray and Paul keep track of her every move.


Seasom 02 , Episode 05 – “Other Lives”

Ani and Paul chase a lead up the coast; Ray and Frank mull taking new directions in life.


Seasom 02 , Episode 04 – “Down Will Come”



Seasom 02 , Episode 03 – “Maybe Tomorrow”
The repercussions from Caspar’s murder are felt by Frank and the Vinci Mayor’s office. Ray and Ani are involved in a close call with the killer.


Seasom 02 , Episode 02 – “Night Finds You”

Law enforcement officers have to deal with a web of conspiracy as they attempt to solve a bizarre murder.

Seasom 02 , Episode 01 – “The Western Book of the Dead”
Season 2 begins with the murder of a corrupt California politician with possible ties to a career criminal, and the ensuing investigation that brings together three law-enforcement officers from different jurisdictions.