Gang Money Run / Mahogany Sunrise (2014) DVDRip XviD-EVO

Gang Money Run / Mahogany Sunrise (2014)OPIS FILMU: Muzyk wraz z tancerką oraz torbą pełną pieniędzy gangsterów, stara się przeżyć w przygranicznym miasteczku, ścigany przez płatnych morderców.

PLOT: After being sent to a border town for work, Jackson a disheartened IT guy who longs to be a musician stumbles upon a stash of loot. Thinking he’s hit the jackpot he takes it but soon learns that his new found fortune comes with a price when he finds himself on the run from two ruthless hitmen. He later meets and falls for a charismatic burlesque dancer named Mercedes. Things take a turn for the worse when he gets entangled with her ex Chato and his gang after they get wind of the money. What follows is a high stakes cat and mouse game with everyone vying for the bag of money. Jackson and Mercedes are two star-crossed strangers that happen to meet, inspire each other and fall in love. In the end their love must survive greed and the relentless pursuit of those that want to kill them.

GATUNEK:   Akcja, Dramat, Romans

Director: R. Scott Leisk
Writer: R. Scott Leisk
Stars: Wesley Blake, Denise Downs, Jesse Campos, Drew Whelpley
Runtime: 86 min

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Gang Money Run / Mahogany Sunrise (2014) DVDRip XviD-EVO