Knock, Knock / KTO TAM ? (2015) 

Knock Knock 2015

Genres: Horror, Thriller

OPIS FILMU: Żonaty mężczyzna spotyka dwie piękne młode dziewczyny, które zmieniają jego życie w prawdziwy koszmar.

PLOT: Architect and happily married husband Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) has the house to himself and his dog Monkee on Father’s Day weekend (due to a shoulder injury) while his wife and children go on a family-planned beach trip. His wife Karen (Ignacia Allamand), a successful artist, leaves their assistant Louis (Aaron Burns) in charge of her sculpture that needs to be moved to an art gallery. Alone in his beautiful and expensive home, Evan works on renderings for an ongoing house project.

That evening, two women, Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) and Bel (Ana de Armas) knock on his door. He opens the door and they apologize, revealing that they are looking for an address of a party, but since their phone died, the taxi driver dropped them off. As they have no means of communication, Evan allows them in to use the Internet and get a hold of the party’s host. Once they find the right address, Evan offers to call an Uber cab for them, but the closest driver will take 45 minutes to arrive. Meanwhile, the girls make themselves at home and Evan plays a few of his old vinyl records he has from when he was a disc jockey. The conversation quickly turns into their opinions about human polygamy and they tell Evan about their jobs as cabin crew as well as how they engage in sexual activity with a new man in every city they fly to. They then disappear to the bathroom and when their cab finally arrives, a circumspect Evan finds them in the bathroom, naked and lusting for him. Outraged, Evan tries to convince them to leave, but as they start seducing him, he gives in and has a threesome with them.

The following day, Evan finds them eating breakfast and watching Family Feud, not worried at all about leaving. He loses his patience and offers to drive them home, since they haven’t taken the cab. Evan returns indoors only to find out that his wife’s sculpture, which Louis was supposed to collect for the art gallery, has been vandalized. When Evan threatens to call the police, the girls reveal they are underage, showing they have control over him or risk charges on sexual conduct with a minor. Vivian (Colleen Camp), a friend of Karen’s, stops by to see if Evan needs help, but Genesis comes up to Evan, but after she goes back inside, Vivian angrily leaves, thinking that Evan is cheating on Karen. A shocked Evan tries to make sense of the situation, since he realized that everything the girls had said was a lie in order to get him in bed. When Evan threatens to report a break-in, they give in and agree to be taken home. He drops them off at a rundown neighbourhood where they supposedly live.

He then returns home, cleans the mess, and tries to go back to his work. Just as he is getting closer to completing his project, he hears a shattering noise. He goes looking for the source of the noise as he is supposedly alone indoors. He finds a broken picture-frame of his family and Genesis knocks him out with one of his wife’s sculptures. They tie him up and go through his family’s belongings. Bel climbs onto him trying to arouse him while role-playing as an innocent child. Evan initially refuses, but the girls threaten to face time his wife with him in a compromising position. Even though this disgusts him, Evan realizes that by moving on the bed he can loosen his binds, so he plays along and has intercourse with her. Unbeknownst to him, Genesis records everything. When Evan finally releases himself, he jumps at Bel and knocks her off. He charges at Genesis, who stabs him in his wounded shoulder with a fork. She then pins him to the ground and both girls proceed to tie him up to a chair with electrical cord.

Later on, Louis arrives to collect the sculpture Karen left him in charge of. The girls take Evan’s phone and text Louis saying his niece and her friend are staying over. They hide Evan in a room. Louis enters using his keys. He panics upon finding the vandalized sculpture and immediately realizes these girls are lying about their relation to Evan. Louis then finds Evan tied up to a chair, but before he can help him he hears the girls smashing the vandalized sculpture. He runs to stop them, but he slips on a piece of the sculpture and knock his head on the edge, killing him. They turn Louis’ body into a red sculpture and dig a makeshift grave in the backyard meant for Evan Webber. They also reveal to Evan that they had been spying on him all along. He fails in his various attempts to make an emergency calls and to almost escape from the house. They tie him up with a hose, then bury him in the hole, leaving only his head above ground. Genesis shows Evan the video she recorded earlier with his phone of him and Bel having sex. As a horrified Evan watches on, she uploads it to his Facebook page. Ultimately, they spare Evan’s life, going against the idea of killing him in the same fashion they had killed Louis. Revealing that it had all been a „game” and that they’re used to trick fathers into this type of situation, they finally depart and take Monkee with them, leaving a broken Evan to his fate in trying to dig himself out of the hole he is buried in while watching the uploaded video with comments coming in. Karen and the kids arrive home to the entire house ruined. Evan’s son says „Daddy threw a party!” as Karen and the kids remain speechless, ending the movie.

Director: Eli Roth