Scar Tissue (2013)

Movie title: Scar Tissue Release year: 2013 Genres: Thriller

GATUNEK:  Thriller

OPIS FILMU: Chłopak prześladowany przez psychopatycznego mordercę znajduje sojusznika w młodej lecz niesfornej policjantce, która sama zmaga się z demonami przeszłości.

PLOT: This is a stylish and well executed British thriller.
Luke is a 21 year old biker and bon viveur. After a night out at a strip joint, he wakes up in his Council flat and discovers the mutilated corpse of a 17 year old girl in his bathroom. Luke flees the scene and goes on the run.
The police think that the murderer is a copycat killer, mimicking the behaviour of a notorious serial child killer named Jannsen, who was shot dead by armed police twenty years earlier.
The elusive killer sends Luke cryptic messages by email and video. This leads Luke into contact with a suspended cop, Sam Cross, who’s a twenty-something, fearless and feisty blonde, with Sherlock Holmes like powers of detection. The two of them starting working together and, impossibly, the evidence starts indicating that the psychopath is the child killer who died twenty years earlier…
This is a glossy and slick British thriller, which clearly owes a lot to well known, excellent serial killer flicks like Seven (Brad Pitt), Copycat (Sigourney Weaver), and the Saw franchise of movies. The pace is lively from the outset, the acting is competent, and the tale of a human monster who removes the eyes from his victims, is effectively harrowing and grim. It’s not particularly violent or gory, it’s not a gross out movie like the Saw flicks. The film’s biggest weakness is the lack of a charismatic lead character, there’s no stand out British actor here with the screen presence of a Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig or Bob Hoskins, which makes the film less engrossing than it might have been.
All in all, this is a solid 3.5 star flick, full of clever twists and turns, and which keeps the viewer guessing right through to the end.

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