Labyrinth 2012 [S01E01E02] COMPLETE BDRip x264-MARS

Labyrinth 2012 COMPLETE BDRip x264-MARS

OPIS SERIALU: Czasy współczesne. Wolontariuszka, Alice Tanner (Vanessa Kirby), podczas wykopalisk archeologicznych we Francuskich Pirenejach odkrywa ludzkie szkielety, a przy nich tajemniczy pierścień z motywem labiryntu.
Średniowiecze. Alaïs Pelltier (Jessica Brown Findlay) to zwyczajna siedemnastolatka, mieszkająca w Carcassone, mieście uznawanym za twierdze katarów, posądzonych o herezje. Wraz z ojcem Bertrandem (Danny Keogh), Alais chroni księgi, zawierające informacje o losach świętego Graala.
Pomimo ośmiuset letniej różnicy czasu, losy dwóch bohaterek, są ze sobą połączone…

PLOT: The series follows two women—medieval Alaïs Pelletier du Mas (Jessica Brown Findlay), who lives through the Crusades and Cathar massacres in medieval France, and modern-day Alice Tanner (Vanessa Kirby)—in their quest to find the Holy Grail. Alice, a volunteer at a French archaeological excavation, discovers the skeletal remains of two people in a cave, as well as a labyrinth-engraved ring, which attracts the attention of unscrupulous individuals. In 1209, newly married Alaïs is living in Carcassonne, a stronghold of Cathars who have been declared heretical by the Church. Alaïs and her father are protecting three sacred books from the Crusaders that reveal the secret of the Holy Grail.

GATUNEK: Przygodowy, Dramat, Fantasy

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PhD graduate Alice Tanner and 17-year-old Alais Pelletier from 13th-century Carcassonne experience an adventure that ends up intertwining both their lives. Separated by time but united together by a common destiny, Alice inherits a house in the south of France from an unknown aunt and suffers with dreams of a woman from the past. She discovera an archaeological discovery that will end up bearing witness to a genocide committed 800 years earlier on European soil, which will also lead her to the secrets of the Holy Grail.


Alais and her friends attempt to protect the Book of Words from Oriane and Guy, escaping Carcassone and taking refuge in Montsegur. Meanwhile, in the present day, Alice discovers that the Noublesso will stop at nothing to get the Labyrinth ring and unlock the secrets of the Grail.