Suburban_Gothic__2014Suburban Gothic (2014) 

GATUNEK: Komedia, Horror, Romans plsubbed

OPIS FILMU: Raymond posiada dyplom z prestiżowej uczelni, ale nie potrafi znaleźć pracy. Umie komunikować się ze zmarłymi, ale przerasta go zagadanie do dziewczyny. Gdy kończą mu się oszczędności, musi przeprowadzić się na przedmieścia, do domu swoich rodziców. Ale gdy mściwy duch zaczyna terroryzować okolicę, tylko on i barmanka z miejscowego pubu mogą go powstrzymać.

PLOT: Unable to find a job that utilizes his new MBA, Raymond (Matthew Gray Gubler) is forced to move back home to live with his parents. His mother Eve (Barbara Niven) is ecstatic about this and can’t wait for him to arrive, while his father Donald (Ray Wise) believes Raymond to be a complete and utter disappointment and frequently berates him about this. To make matters worse, it seems that most of his high school classmates stayed in town and none of them are willing to let him forget that he was previously an overweight loser with a belief in the paranormal. Raymond does manage to connect with his former classmate Becca (Kat Dennings), who works as the local bartender. Things take a turn for the strange when the body of a young girl is unearthed in his parents’ backyard during some construction, which ends up awakening a spirit intent on harvesting the souls of everyone in the town.

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