Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal 2015

Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal (2015) 

GATUNEK: Fantasy, Akcja, Romans | LEKTOR.PL.IVO

OPIS FILMU: Legendarny łowca demonów Zhong Kui – wspaniały wojownik obdarzony niezwykłymi mocami – będzie zmuszony wspiąć się na wyżyny swoich możliwości, by ocalić ludzi i swoją ukochaną.

PLOT: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal (Well Go USA) is an adventure about demon hunter Zhong Kui, whose specialty is vanquishing ghost-like entities. He’s the Chinese mythological equivalent of an exorcist. In a mission overseen by his mentor, master Zhang, Zhong flees with the Dark Crystal, an object said to contain the spirits of all mortals. This theft is engineered to prevent hell’s soldiers from invading the living world. Zhang helps Zhong develop the ability to shape shift into a powerful ogre, which reveals Zhong’s darker, inner being.
Little Snow is a femme fatale from the netherworld who appears in the guise of lead performer of a female dance troupe. She stirs Zhong’s memories of a one-time relationship when he was a handsome scholar studying for an examination that would propel him toward power. Shown in flashback, these scenes show that Zhong cynically traded in a bright future because of a lost love. Even though Zhong recognizes Little Snow to be a demon, he is nonetheless smitten with her.
The movie is extremely ambitious, as it combines an elaborate fantasy action epic with a doomed romance. Lots of screen time is devoted to Zhang’s constant shepherding of Zhong as he attempts to master his inhuman powers to become the ultimate warrior. Loaded with CGI effects, the picture delivers in the area of spectacle while establishing the fantastical backdrop for its action. Most female characters are portrayed as temptresses who use their beauty and physical attributes to cloud men’s minds and control them — a popular aspect of Chinese fantasy.


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