Lucifer Sezon 1


GATUNEK: Fantasy, Kryminał

OPIS SERIALU: Nieszczęśliwy i znudzony swoim bytem Lucyfer Morningstar porzuca funkcję Władcy Piekieł i udaje się do Los Angeles, gdzie zostaje właścicielem luksusowego klubu nocnego.

PLOT: „Lucifer” is the story about the king of hell, Lucifer Morningstar. He was bored and he decided to leave the underworld and move to California, where Lucifer has a first-class nightclub Lux in L.A. Lucifer enjoys human life and his favorite entertainments ─ wine, women and music. However, it ends when a beautiful pop star was killed near his nightclub. Suddenly, the fallen angel feels like something deep inside of him wakes up because of this murder. This feeling begins to disturb Lucifer. LAPD homicide detective Chloe Dancer arrived on the crime scene. At first she didn’t attach importance to Lucifer. But soon, Chloe became interested in his talent to pull out the secrets of people and a desire to do justice, giving punishment to those who deserve it. Lucifer used to see the worst of humanity, but Chloe is completely different. It gives him hope. However, the dark forces are trying to take him back …


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