Zabójcy bazantów (2014) Fasandræberne (original title) 1h 59min | Crime, Mystery, Thriller Fasandraeberne / The Absent One / Zabójcy bażantów (2014) 

GATUNEK – Kryminalny, Thriller film z lektorem

OPIS FILMU – Rok 1994, zabite zostają bliźnięta, a do zbrodni przyznaje się miejscowy samotnik. Sprawa zostaje jednak wznowiona po 20 latach.

PLOT – A drunk, later revealed former police chief approaching detective Carl Mørck, not very interested, until the day after when the same man is found after suicide in his bathtub. He starts following the strange case of the mans two teenage children is killed 20 years ago, very close to a posh boarding school for the rich. No more should be revealed here now. …

Fasandraeberne The second feature film with cinema release for the Jussi Adler- Olsen novels following “The keeper of lost causes” (originally “Kvinden i buret”) is a let down from the first in many ways. The title “The absent one” is again more suitable than the original title Fasandræberne (which is translated Killers of pheasants). Both the director and the main characters are still there, and the plot is interesting enough, maybe even more interesting in the first film. Still I’m afraid. Fasandraeberne Still this is bargaining to follow up the “nordic noir” label, which is does quite well. This is the gloomy side of Denmark, or Copenhagen, which is never mentioned anywhere in the film. And there’s no landmarks of the Danish capitol visible here, either. Indeep if they are trying to depict Copenhagen.

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