The People Under The Stairs / W mroku pod schodami (1991) BRRip X264 AC3-PLAYNOW

The People Under The Stairs / W mroku pod schodami (1991) BRRip X264 AC3-PLAYNOW

OPIS FILMU – Fool wraz z przyjaciółmi zakrada się do starego domu, który zamieszkuje dwoje groźnych psychopatów.

PLOT – Poindexter „Fool” Williams is a resident of a Los Angeles ghetto. He and his family are being evicted from their apartment by their landlords, the Robesons.

Leroy, his associate Spenser, and Fool sneak into the Robeson’s household by using Spencer to pose as a municipal worker. The Robesons leave the home shortly but Spencer doesn’t return. Fool and Leroy, break into the house to find Spencer, and find his dead body and a large group of strange pale children in a locked pen in a dungeon-like basement.

The Robesons return and Fool flees while Leroy is shot to death by Daddy. Fool runs into another section of the house, where he meets Alice. She tells him that the people under the stairs were children who broke the „see/hear/speak no evil” rules of the Robesons. The children have degenerated into cannibalism to survive and Alice has avoided this fate by obeying the rules without question. A boy named Roach whose tongue was removed also evades the Robesons by hiding in the walls.

Fool is discovered by Daddy and is thrown to the cannibalistic children to die. However, Roach helps Fool escape but succumbs to his wounds. As he dies, he gives Fool a small bag of gold coins and a written plea to save Alice. Fool reunites with Alice and the two escape into the passageways between the walls. Daddy releases Prince into the walls to kill them. Fool tricks Daddy into stabbing Prince and he and Alice reach the attic where they find an open window above a pond. Unfortunately, Alice is too afraid to jump and Fool is forced to go without her. He promises to return for Alice.

Fool finds out the gold he has is enough to pay his rent and for his mother’s surgery. He also finds out that Mommy and Daddy are brother and sister coming from a long line of crazy inbred people. They started out as a family that ran a funeral home selling cheap coffins for expensive prices, then they got into real estate. Making a lot of money the family got greedy and the greedier they got the crazier they got. Fool vows to help right the wrong.

Mommy attempts to kill Alice but the cannibal children charge on her. Daddy finds Fool at the vault, where Fool sets off the explosives, which demolishes the house and causes the money to blow up through the crematorium chimney and into the crowd of people outside. Daddy is killed in the explosion and Alice and Fool reunite in the basement. Meanwhile, the people outside claim the money distributed by the blast, and the freed children venture into the night.
GATUNEK – Horror

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The People Under The Stairs / W mroku pod schodami (1991) BRRip X264 AC3-PLAYNOW