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The Bastard Executioner S01E10 HDTV x264-FLEET

SEZON 01, ODCINEK 10 – “Blood and Quiescence/Crau a Chwsg”

OPIS SERIALU – Serial przedstawi losy doświadczonego rycerza, który rezygnuje z wojaczki i próbuje dożyć spokojnej starości. Przeszłość jednak szybko się po niego upomina, a bohater raz jeszcze musi sięgnąć po swój miecz.

PLOT – The Bastard Executioner tells the story of Wilkin Brattle, a 14th century warrior, whose life is forever changed when a divine messenger beseeches him to lay down his sword and lead the life of another man: a journeyman executioner. Set in northern Wales during a time rife with rebellion and political upheaval, Wilkin must walk a tight rope between protecting his true identity while also serving a mysterious destiny. Guided by Annora, a mystical healer whose seeming omniscience keeps Wilkin under her sway; manipulated by Milus Corbett, a devious Chamberlain with grand political aspirations; and driven by a deepening connection with the Baroness Lady Love, Wilkin struggles to navigate political, emotional and supernal pitfalls in his quest to understand his greater purpose.

GATUNEKDramat, Kostiumowy

The Bastard Executioner

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The Bastard Executioner S01E10 HDTV x264-FLEET
The Bastard Executioner S01E09 HDTV x264-FLEET
The Bastard Executioner S01E08 HDTV x264-FLEET
The Bastard Executioner S01E07 HDTV x264-KILLERS
The Bastard Executioner S01E06 HDTV x264-FLEET

“Thorns / Drain”

Wilkin and Toran encounter a new timeline for their revenge. Lady Love gets a surprise visit from an unlikely ally.

The Bastard Executioner S01E05 PROPER HDTV x264-KILLERS
The Bastard Executioner S01E05 HDTV x264-AMBIT

“Effigy / Delw”

The King’s right hand visits Ventrishire on official Royal business. Milus enlists Wilkin to go on a covert mission to retrieve a valuable artifact.

The Bastard Executioner S01E04 HDTV x264-KILLERS

Season 01, Episode 04 – “Effigy / Delw”

Charges of treason are leveled against an unlikely suspect, meaning Wilkins must fulfill his duties as the new executioner.

The Bastard Executioner S01E03 HDTV x264-BATV

“Effigy / Delw”

When an unlikely suspect is charged with treason, Wilkin must carry out his duties as the new executioner.

The Bastard Executioner S01E01-E02 HDTV x264-2HD


The show tells the story of a warrior knight in King Edward III’s charge who is broken by the ravages of war and vows to lay down his sword. But when that violence finds him again he is forced to pick up the bloodiest sword of all.