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– Dramat, Kryminał

– Dr Watson jest lekarzem i weteranem wojennym. Pewnego dnia poznaje Sherlocka Holmesa, który rozwiązuje zagadki kryminalne sposobem dedukcji. „Sherlock” to uwspółcześniona wersja przygód jednego z najsłynniejszych detektywów. Akcja toczy się w teraźniejszym Londynie.

–  According to creators the fourth season of Sherlock will be the most frightening and gloomy than all previous ones. The audience will meet one of the best Arthur Conan Doyle’s books villain. For now his identity is kept a secret. Also, it will be revealed that Sherlock and Mycroft are not the only children in the family. They have a brother – Sherrinford.

The famous private detective and analyst Holmes still lives with Dr. Watson. Both take lodgings at Baker Street, London, in Mrs. Hudson’s apartment. James Moriarty is the primary antagonist of the series and Sherlock’s archenemy. He was described by Holmes as “Napoleon of crime”. Being a criminal mastermind he is very smart and cunning. Moriarty might faked his death in order to confuse the main character and came upon unawareness. His appearance in an upcoming season is another mystery. But the one is clear – the brilliant cast and team of creators make an upcoming season more spectacular and dynamic.


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