Into The Badlands SEZON 01SEZON 1  ODCiNEK  6  z  6

GATUNEK – Akcja, Przygodowy, Dramat

OPIS SERIALU – Bezwzględny wojownik Sunny i młody chłopak wyruszają na niebezpieczną wyprawę do krainy władanej przez feudalnych władców w celu odnalezienia oświecenia.

PLOT – The story is set in feudal times and tells about the great warrior Sunny, who goes on a risky journey with a young boy named M.K. in order to gain enlightenment. The road is full of dangers, cause the territory controlled by the cruel barons. Quinn is the most powerful and ruthless baron among them. Their path will intersect with Veil. She’s a doctor who provides services for the assassins squad. Over time, Veil will become a love interest for Sunny. M.K. also has a close friend named Tilda, which is well trained to kill. The plot of the martial arts TV series „Into the Badlands” is based on a Chinese tale „Journey to the East”.